Stuff You Say To Someone When The Conversation Runs Dry

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“This weather has been insane lately! I’ve worn shorts for like three months straight. So beautiful. Seriously. I really can’t handle the winters though. I’m dreading it. Do you prefer summer over winter? I really have, like, seasonal depression or something. I get so sad in the winter. Do you? {PAUSE} Such a nice day out today.”

“Where’d you get your top? I love it. I have something like it but it’s not as cute. Oh, you got it at that store on Bond? I’m obsessed with that place! It’s so expensive though and once I bought a bag there and it fell apart after two weeks. Really bad craftsmanship at this place. But I really do love your top!”

“Have you ever seen *insert movie here*? I ask because you remind me so much of the lead character in it. Oh no, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a compliment, I swear.”

“God, is *the person you’re both waiting for* ever gonna get here? I’ll text them. Oh, you already did? I’ll text them again just in case, like, there’s a phone difficulty or something.”

“Wanna get high?”

“So where do you work? Oh, do you like it? Yeah, it seems like it would be fun working there. Do you get benefits?”

“I love your apartment. Have you lived here long?”

“Do you know *insert name of possible mutual friend here*? Because they also went to Bradford High and I thought you might know them. Oh, you don’t? It’s a really big school but I figured there was a chance. Okay.”

“Wanna make out?”

“Your necklace reminds me of this necklace I used to have. My best friend gave it to me. I mean, we’re actually not friends anymore. She was a really terrible person. Like there was this one time I had to wait two hours for her outside of a bar when I had forgotten my ID but she didn’t care. She still went in without me. Isn’t that screwed up? Anyway, yeah, your necklace is cool.”

“Where did you grow up? Was it fun? Oh, that sucks. Yeah, my hometown kinda sucked too. How do you like the city we both live in now? I mean, it can get kind of annoying living here but I love it. Like I’m meant to live here, I think. Oh, you’re moving back home soon? That’s cool. Yeah, sometimes you just need a change. I get that.”

“I’m hungry. Are you hungry? I’m actually starving. It just hit me!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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