Intervention: Erin Is Addicted To Meth, Men And Wearing Booty Shorts

Sup Erin
Wanna party?

On the latest episode of Intervention, we were introduced to something we’ve never seen before: an attractive meth user. Erin-a 26 year old blonde beautiful Texan-has been using meth for two years and although it hasn’t destroyed her looks, the drug has caused her to have paranoid delusions in which she believes people are trying to kill her. So that’s no good.

Erin was a beautiful baby, a bright baby, the apple of her father’s eye. However, her parents were overprotective Christians who homeschooled her until she was thirteen and that was a poor parenting decision. In fact, we can even go as far to say that being homeschooled made Erin more susceptible to becoming a drug addict. Once she entered public school, Erin was overwhelmed with…freedom and things being so…public and by the time she was 19 her family had already sent her to five treatment centers. Ruined by the stress of having a wild child, her parents divorced and her father moved away, essentially disowning Erin and even declining to participate in this Emmy award-winning documentary series about drug addiction.

At 22, Erin moved in with her friend Jim, who, according to her, “bugged me about having sex until I finally said, “Fuck it!” and we had sex a few times. Then I ended up pregnant.” Gee, I sure do love it when manipulation masquerades as romance, don’t you?! Anyways, the two marry despite Erin having no romantic feelings for Jim and she shockingly remains sober throughout her pregnancy. Everyone chimes in to say that motherhood changed Erin and inspired her to become a better person but they always say that and it always sounds like weird propaganda.

At the age of 24, Erin was fed up with her sobriety so she started to smoke meth daily. Around this time, she also befriended a real “salt of the earth” kind of guy who belonged to the Aryan Brotherhood. To be honest, I don’t even know what that is but the word “Aryan” has never meant anything good so I’ll assume it’s evil. One night, Erin’s Aryan chum held her and her daughter up at gunpoint and attempted to rob them. Although the two were unharmed, Erin’s daughter was sent away to live with her grandmother in Kentucky and the family never really recovered. Later, Erin’s friend tried to apologize to her about the whole “trying to rob her” fiasco but she ignored his texts and even renamed him “Bad Friend Who Tried To Kill Me” in her phone.

Today Erin’s life is very ho-hum. Her husband Jim goes to work at a place called Christian World while she lounges in her bra and booty shorts, smokes meth and hangs out with her friends. When she tires of that, Erin invites her boyfriend over-the one who truly understands her-and the two have wild passionate sex on top of a phonebook or a seesaw. Jim knows all about Erin’s infidelities and appears to be very annoyed by it. Apparently she doesn’t even use protection so she has a pregnancy scare every month. You know, I’m no relationship expert but I think this couple seriously hates each other and just needs a divorce.

When Jim returns home from work, the two have an argument in which it’s revealed that Jim’s an alcoholic. Or used to be. Or sometimes is. It’s all very unclear. Regardless of the frequency of his drinking, Erin seems to hold it against him. She claims she’ll be the best person ever if Jim just does her “right” which seems very vague and impossible. At the pre-intervention, a new interventionist encourages Jim to go to AA every day for three months and he agrees and everyone is relieved.

Erin’s intervention was sort of anti-climatic. When she arrived, she seemed more distressed about her family seeing her without makeup than potentially being sent to rehab. When it came to Jim’s turn to read his letter, she became irritable and suggested he go to treatment, not her. She said, “I’ve been to rehab a million times. I don’t see the point of all this. I’m only going to rehab on my terms.” Her defiance was short-lived, however, because then the interventionist promised her job as a counselor if she completed treatment and she accepted. Wait, isn’t that bribery? That was some bad intervening, Mr. Interventionist. Where’s Candy or Jeff when you need them?

Erin completes 37 days of treatment and is reunited with her daughter. She and Jim are in the midst of building a lake house because they love each other now, which sounds like complete bullshit but whatevs. She’s been sober since July 24, 2010.

This episode was weird because

A. Erin’s meth use did not make her look like a filthy eyesore.

B. There were hardly any scenes of her doing drugs.

C. Compared to Allison, the huffer, her life was just typical Middle America shitty. TC mark

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  • Brian McElmurry

    Where is the picture of her hanging out in her bra and booty shorts? Nice piece.

  • Kay

    1. I love these Intervention recaps.

    2. This whole episode was anti-climatic.

    3. Erin had terrible eyebrows. She was so thin that the microphone pack under her shirt made her look like she had a hunchback. I was waiting for them to address the hunchback in the biography/this-is-why-I'm-crazy part of the show, but then I realized that is was a microphone.

    4. Finally, Jim is a total creep. I know they have a daughter and everything, but she should leave him.

    • theinterventiongirl

      Read my book, sorry I keep saying this I tried to delete comments and the only thing that worked was putting new ones in

      • Katie

        What is the name of your book and when is it coming out?

    • theinterventiongirl

      Read my book

  • Chester

    This piece reads like a high school book report.

  • Manam

    I don't know, man. She looks like a meth head to me.

  • Rudy

    I'm waiting for the pictorial with the women of intervention.

  • Whall23

    I call B.S. on this ep. No one goes through 37 days of rehab from meth addiction and is magically “cured,” ready to build a new house and have another baby within 3 months. Totally ridiculous. And yeah, they didn't seem in love at all. I think she likes his money and he likes her body. I feel really sorry for the kid and any future babies. No one in this actually got into recovery, as far as I'm concerned. This show really is starting to feel like fiction, not “reality.”

    • Darren

      That's how it is in Dallas/Forth Worth. A lot of beautiful women that are complete bitches and the loser guys that happen to have money. It works for them because all the women in the area want money and all the men want a trophy wife. I haven't met many women from that area that are genuine women.

      • theinterventiongirl

        there are trust me. and I am 100, I do love jim. you don't know me or any of these other girls apparently

    • theinterventiongirl

      were not having another baby, and I was only back on meth for 5 months. And i have been sober for 8 months by the way

    • theinterventiongirl

      I am writing a book to tell the whole real story. It is hard to get someones story crammed into 45 minutes.

  • jordanobscura

    I really hate these recaps you've been doing lately. If I was interested, I'd just watch the show.

    • well

      why don't you just not click on the article then? im confused….

      • jmbg

        I subscribe to the rss feed. I didn't read this article but I wanted to share my opinion on the recent influx of television related articles on the site.

  • kikims7

    What a bitch! I wanted to smack Erin……grrrrrrr

  • Nictoo

    Jim's a total moron and a jerk. Erin is a spoiled brat. I give the stress of building a house about 6 months before it tears them apart and sends her back to the pipe. The only one I feel sorry for is the daughter. She's the poster child for the adage “pick your friends because you can't pick your family”. Poor kid, only 3 or 4 and seriously behind the 8ball already.

  • Jjjj

    she loved him because of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TK

    Wow, it was clear that she'd be cheating on him before the drywall was up. To be honest, even when her husband came off as a jerk, I couldn't argue with any of his points. My favorte line: 'If we didn't have a kid, I wouldn't even know her name.'

    • theinterventiongirl

      read my book

  • Docsign

    She was a total bitch, I would have slapped her….but then bent her over because she was hot.

    Kind of weird though.

    • theinterventiongirl

      Read my book

  • theinterventiongirl

    HELLO EVERYONE!!! This is erin!!! Ok first of all, I relapsed at age 26, only 5 months before the intervention film crew came. They got a lot of stuff wrong. My abusive boyfriend was not in AB, my husband did not know what he was talking about. He claimed he was in AC but he wasn't really. Also I thought jim was up to something on fourth of july and I WAS NOT ARRESTED!! I was already out on bond, I got arrested with my boyfriend. While I was in jail he broke into jims house. THe baby was gone before I relapsed and didn't come home until after I got out of rehab and jim and I got back together. She was NEVER around me on drugs. I wasn't drinking either. I drank on the weekends until I relapsed on meth. I moved in with my dad after the divorce, they had a lot of marital problems that had nothing to do with me. Jim divorced me took custody of our daughter while I was in rehab. But we are together now and working things out. I am writing a book right now it should be out this year. Anyone have any questions???

    • Gill

      Why are you with Jim?  I havent read your book but from the episode, it doesnt seem like you have love for each other.  He’s doesn’t seem to have a good personality and not that it matters but you are beautiful and he’s not at all.  From the episode you said, ‘hey whatever, after a while you decided to just have sex with him’. 

      Are you still with him and have you relapsed at all? 

  • theinterventiongirl

    Read my book

    • Rachelhansel

      Where is your book?

  • theinterventiongirl

    Read my book

  • theinterventiongirl

    And my child was never around and never held at gunpoint. I have had several guns and knives pulled on me and held on me.

    • theinterventiongirl

      He was an abusive boyfriend and he beat me and held a gun on me twice. He was not my friend, he did not rob me. He broke into jims when I was in jail for carrying my gun without a chl. Do you knbow what that it? It's a concealed handgun license. You are issued one if you shoot good enough and pass the written test. I got a 100 on the test and shot 225 out of 250. I just hadn't got in back in the mail yet. this is why I am writing a book, they wrote all the facts wrong and left out about my ability to play the piano, and how my dad not paying for club soccer caused me to loose my soccer career I had planned out.

      • theinterventiongirl

        ok I don't know how to use blogs

    • Katie

      Are you on facebook or Twitter?

    • Sheila

      You look great having overcome it Erin. Glad to see you came out of this with your head held high adn still climbing. Meth is a tough battle. Congrats and your little girl is absolutely beautiful. I wish nothing but the best for you, your daughter and Jim.

    • Patrick

      Hello Erin, are you in Facebook?

  • Katie

    I like Erin. I think it is hard when you start off in a relationship as friends and one person wants more than a friendship than the other person does. I'm sure you do love Jim now, but it may have grown out of your history and having a child together than from a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. I knew a guy once who really liked me and I was friends with him for 7 years and he wanted me to marry him and he would have taken care of me and my kids (I'm divorced) but I could not do it because I just didnt feel that same way or feel a strong romantic connection even though we were friends for so long and got along great and had fun. I think it shows good character that you are trying now that you are not on drugs and trying to give your daughter a stable home with 2 parents :)

    • Willis Brent Boykins

      This is stupid and no good man should save hoes!

  • Mike

    I think Erin in awesome. She is obviously smart, cares about her daughter and in my opinion is only staying with her husband because if her daughter and the need to be taken care of. I was surprised to hear anyone say mean things about her. Just my .02. I think she's great.

  • guest

    Erin needs to divorce her husband and figure out who she is and realize her potential

  • guest

    I am only half way through the episode, but it is obvious that her “friend” enabled her because he wanted her. Now as her husband, he continues to enable her because he knows that if she gets it together, he’d be done. He knows he’ll lose her if she gets better. I kind of feel sorry for him, but not really. She needs to be accountable for taking advantage of him, but i think he is just as guilty for taking advantage of her, if not more. He berates her, and judges her, hoping she won’t realize the truth. There doesn’t seem to be any deep connection there, very weird relationship…

    • Gill

      Agree with you completely.  I’m half way thru as the episode as well.  He just wants a hot girl and knows she will break up with her if she gets her addiction AND personal issues in check

  • Anonymous

    Erin is a whore. She is 26? Looks like 46 and in 10 years will look like 100. People have been telling her how hot she is her whole life. News flash Erin, you used to be hot. But you screwed that up and now you are an ugly skank. Now go suck some meat for drugs then hit the pole. Your kid is better off without you. Nice work failing at everything in life loser.

    • Gill

       She’s still beautiful and why are you soo angry angry?  Obviously you have your own issues.  Need to relax



    What kind of sunglasses were you wearing in the intervention? I want to get some because they are rad.

  • Anonymous

    what book?

  • Jay Emmons

    the girls a immature ho. meth probably isnt her worse problem. shes still hot but in a few years the gig’ll be up. the guys decent but i’m not sure his relationship to her is much different from the sugar daddies she cheated on him with.

  • Radiodog56

    Weird ending!!  And how is it they can afford to build a house on a lakefront?

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