Everything And So Much More

Everything And So Much More

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the right person isn’t the one who agrees with everything that we say or tells us tiny white lies to make us feel better about ourselves, but rather – the right person is the one who is brutally honest and raw.

Maybe the right person doesn’t have the same ideas and beliefs about the world, and the lens through which they see everything, and everyone, is different. And that’s why when we share our worldview with them, we learn a lot about them and ourselves in the process. We learn different ways of appreciating people and the world that we live in until we become certain of why we have those beliefs to begin with.

Maybe the right person isn’t going to enhance who we are by constantly praising us but by challenging us. Maybe the right person doesn’t want to know what our favorite color or TV show is but the real stuff – like our anxieties, our darkness, the many times we’ve cried ourselves to sleep at night and what scares us the most.

We’re not supposed to find a knight in shining armor in another person but comfort, a sense of peace and someone whom we want to come home to.

Maybe we’ve never really understood what love is, we always thought that love makes our heartbeat grow faster and our fingers tingle and that is all. But what if it does that and more? What if love not only makes our stomach jitter with excitement but also adds peace to our soul? What if love doesn’t just make life crazy and adventurous with color or excitement but also paints it a soft shade of blue, or yellow, like sunlight and a bright sky that makes all our dull days kind again?

Maybe we don’t really know what love or happiness is because we’re used to comparing what we have with others, and our sense of relationships and love is distorted by this comparative struggle that we face every day. The moment we stop looking at ‘how good’ others have it then perhaps we will realise how lucky we truly as too. Maybe we need to start looking within to see what kind of life we want, what kind of relationship would fuel us and what kind of love we deserve.

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. We keep looking everywhere but inside ourselves for what we need, and we chase and chase rather than let it come to us naturally. Maybe we need to stop running from everything that hurts us and accept the pain, because only then will the healing begin.

Maybe we need to start believing that happiness is not an end goal but a feeling that arrives intermittently as we journey on. And love, love is not everything that we thought it would be, because it is so much more.

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