15 Of The Worst Possible Things Someone Could Comment On Your Selfie


If you’re not a supermodel posting a professional photo that was put together by a team of makeup artists and a scientists for some reason, it’s kind of terrifying posting a picture of yourself online. You’re basically letting the entire world judge you. To increase your anxiety by just a few notches, here are 16 of the worst things you could comment on someone’s selfie. It’s not blatant, horrible things like, “go die”, but it’s little things that will keep you up at night trying to figure out what they meant. Have fun!

1. Is this an old picture or did you lose a little weight?

2. You look just like my dad (on a photo of a girl)

3. Nice photoshop work!

4. Oh are you at Greg’s birthday party? I wasn’t invited to that.

5. (A casual comment from your ex that broke your heart. Oh cool, glad you’re browsing my pictures after farting on my soul.)

6. Lol

7. Your skin cleared up a little, huh?

8. Hmmm

9. (When they tag someone in a comment but don’t write anything else. What is happening? Are they going to kill me?)

10. Oh you used to smoke, didn’t you?

11. I figured for sure you’d delete this one.

12. Oh dang you met Shrek!

13. Whose arm is that? The person you cropped out? Is that Terry? Did you guys break up?

14. Don’t you think you’ve posted enough of these?

15. Any of the following from a creepy dude commenting on a girl’s picture that he doesn’t know:



Those eyes.



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