20 Things Your Girlfriends Wants You To Do When She's On Her Period

20 Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do When She’s On Her Period

If you want to win some brownie points with your girlfriend, follow this advice from Ask Reddit.

1. Don’t change anything. Still tell me you love me even when I look bloated and can’t get out of bed with cramps. Nothing extravagant. Just be you. With extra chocolate…

2. Stop asking for blowjobs.

3. My husband massages my boobs because they get really sore, and because he gets to play with boobs.

4. Get me the junkiest food for my cravings (a whole medium pizza with hot cheetos and pepsi) then watch a movie.

5. Have sex with me anyway. Orgasms ease my cramps and my libido certainly doesn’t decrease during that time of the month.

6. I love a guy who doesn’t give a crap about making a tampon run. I just text him a picture of the box and it appears in the bathroom. Like a PMS Genie.

7. Not judge me when I start crying over something super trivial. My emotions get really out of wack and I know I’m being irrational but a bitch gotta cry!!!!!

8. Get me chocolate, chips, or both.

9. Pass me my heating pad.

10. Help me remember to take Advil every 6 hours.

11. Listen to me whine about cramps or offer sympathy is usually a good way to go, since cramps are usually my worst symptom–like someone stabbing me in the stomach.

12. Run a hot bubble bath, light candles, fill a glass of wine and give me chocolate.

13. Hugs and forehead kisses are all you need to succeed.

14. Cuddles are nice, as well as just being thoughtful.

15. Neck rubs and hair stroking very much recommended.

16. Just listen to me calmly. Let me overreact. Let me cry. And remember this emotional spiral is out of my damn control.

17. Nothing seems so touching as when I’m not feeling my best and my man gets me a cup of tea (my favorite) or wants to curl up and watch a movie or spend time together.

18. I like it when he gives me bear hugs my while lying down. It makes me feel loved while also putting pressure on my uterus to relieve some pain.

19. Leave me alone. 🤣

20. Be patient. I know we turn into raging period monsters during this time and it can be a lot to deal with. In truth it’s not personal. You’re most likely not even doing anything wrong. But for a lot of us the time pre, during and/or post period makes us agitated and quick to anger. It’s like you’re constantly walking around waiting for something (or someone) to piss you off while you’re in pain. That and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s simply not the best of times. All you can do is be patient, give us some space, don’t ask unnecessary questions, keep the noise volume down and wait for us to return to our happy selves again. And don’t freak out if we cry for seemingly nothing. Periods have that effect on us. Oh and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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