This Woman Didn't Lock Her Doors Until She Was Cleaning Her Bedroom And Found Someone's Tooth

What If You Didn’t Lock Your Doors Until Found Someone Else’s Tooth In Your Home?

Hi Creepy Catalog readers and welcome to the most bonkers story I’ve heard about in a long time.

An image of a tooth on Imgur lead me to a post by a woman who lived in a town of 400 people so she felt safe and never locked her doors unless she was inside sleeping. I know some people don’t understand this at all but I’ve lived in small towns and I’ve been lax about checking locks myself because I just think… who is going to walk up to my front door and test it when all my neighbors can see? I feel like no one pays attention to me, but just like the woman in the story, it’s easy to be wrong.


Imgur user randomgirltou posted this photo with the context: “I live alone in a fairly large house. In my bedroom I have a door that leads outside to a small porch. I was just sweeping the ebony stained wood floors, which I frequently do because they show every speck of dirt. I just found this TOOTH right in front of the door, on my bedroom floor. This has not been there. I was so shocked to find it I actually stood there and ran my tongue over my teeth to see if it might be my own.”

After getting some feedback from commenters that there might be someone living in her attic, the user decided to investigate. Here’s her first update: “I can’t see much up there, but there are things laying about. Not a person as far as I can see. Going to get a taller ladder and a bigger flashlight. And FYI, I am in enforcement, but for game and fish commission. Fully trained, but a smallish woman in the middle of nowhere nonetheless.”

And second update: “Someone has indeed been in my attic, but they are not there now. Things found; 8 beer huggers, some of my personal items, a whole pile of change and a $20 bill. Other things I won’t mention right now. Colleagues are here. Will update more later.”

I know this story has been fairly disturbing this far, but it’s about to get a lot worse. Please stop reading if you live alone and/or just don’t want this in your head.

After the user’s law enforcement friends came out and did an actual search of her property she posted a few more updates, each more unsettling than the last:

“They have dusted and gotten prints, taken everything away. I’m beginning to calm down and process it. It looks like someone has occasionally visited up there for over a very long period of time. I’m going to leave the house now and go ride trails. I will be locking my door from now on, and have new locks installed just to be safe.”

“Probably final update: TIL I have a stalker that sits in my attic when I’m home. No, I don’t lock my doors unless I’m inside sleeping because I live in a community of about 400 people with only a post office. It’s normal here. I do, however, always keep my bedroom patio door locked. I will now be locking all doors. I’ve thought of robbers in the past, but a locked door is not going to stop someone from breaking in if they really want to. I don’t know how the tooth that started this even fits in. It’s not in the path that would lead to the attic. The ONLY reason I even thought of or looked at my attic was because of that top comment, that made me stop dead in my tracks. I’ve always been a little scared of the attic.

I know the sheriff here, and he feels it’s someone that knows me. I don’t want to say what was up there. It’s awful.”

If you’re like me, you really want to know what she found in her attic. Luckily/unluckily for us she did indeed make a final update with what was found:

“I went through the safe thing. I’ve been on here that long. I get the curiosity, and I’m going to say just a few of the things, because I don’t want to leave you sick fuckers hanging.

You know those gigantic pickle jars…the kind at concession stands where you buy just one out of? Well there was two of those up there he had been collecting his…personal…well hell, his cum in. I did not take a picture of it and it made me vomit. There were thousands of tissues, maroon socks, towelettes and such used for wiping strewn about the attic. There were clothes of mine that had gone missing over a year ago. There were small toys, like a plastic butterfly and a bobble head wooden turtle. There were the beer huggies, and some black and pink straps with velcro on the ends. Lots of random stuff.

I hope this satisfies some of your curiosity. I didn’t mean to leave anyone hanging. I have not slept or eaten or been home much since this happened. I have received zero updates.

I love you guys. I am leaving for a week of camping on We and won’t be home. There are cameras being installed. We will see.”

And yes, she did eventually find out who the perp was:

“UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!! It’s my 70-something year old, married forever to the same woman, church deacon, father of 4, grandfather to 6, pillar of the community, neighbor. I’m away but have received the call.”

Lock your fucking doors everyone.