30 Little-Known Reasons Why North Dakota Is Cooler Than Your State

After spending an incredible week in Fargo, North Dakota and learning all about the local culture, we thought it would only be fair if we shared some of the surprising facts about the Peace Garden state with all of you. Between mind-boggling crimes, impressive feats of fry consumption, and a surprising growth in millionaires, it’s a much more fascinating place than you’d imagine.

1. Last October, the state was haunted by a real-life Hamburglar. An innocent woman notified police after entering her home one day to find the distinct smell of bacon permeating her house. There were also three cans of Bud Light stolen from her home. No other damage was reported.

2. There is an old law in North Dakota that states that beer and pretzels can’t be served at the same time in any restaurant or bar.

3. North Dakota has more registered vehicles in the state than it does residents.

4. In both 2004 and 2005, North Dakota was voted the safest state in the country. A recent poll also revealed it to be the ‘most trusted state government.’

5. The largest city in the state is Fargo, with a population of ~110,000. The smallest city is Maza, with a population of ~5.

6. A recent oil boom has caused its economy to skyrocket. The state has had the highest recent growth in millionaires per capita, but it is far from a flashy, superficial area.

7. Contrary to some inaccurate stereotypes, not everyone in North Dakota is a square. However, square dancing is the official state dance.

8. Four months ago, an insane ice circle formed in the Sheyenne River – a “totally natural phenomenon and not the work of aliens or secret government spies, according to reports.”


9. A man named Max Taubert built a 50-foot tall pyramid of empty oil cans in Casselton. It is the highest oil can structure in the world.

10. In 2012, a woman made national news by calling a local radio station complaining that the state’s prevalent “Deer Crossing” signs were encouraging too many deer to cross streets.

11.In 2006 North Dakota broke a world record when 4,620 lbs. of french fries were served at once at the French Fry Frenzy. It took over 10,000 people and 113 gallons of ketchup to eat them.


12. North Dakota has had several nicknames, including Flickertail State, Roughrider State, and Peace Garden State.

13. English didn’t become the official language of North Dakota until 1987.

14. If North Dakota separated from the US and became its own country, it would be the world’s third strongest nuclear power.

15. North Dakota’s coastline around Lake Sakakawea is longer than California’s coastline across the Pacific Ocean.

16. North Dakota produces enough soybeans to create 212 billion different crayons every year.

17. No other state has more wildlife refuges than North Dakota which makes it easy to see rare and beautiful animals all over the state.

18. The tap water is occasionally flammable:


(so, that part’s not exactly cool…but it is crazy).

19. North Dakota’s Dinosaur Museum contains the largest intact triceratops skull in the world. It weighs approximately 1,500 pounds.

20. The largest hamburger in the world was eaten in North Dakota. It took 8,000 people to eat the 3,591 lb. burger.

21. There is an official Lawn Mower Racing Association, because lawn mower racing is an official sport.

22. There’s enough canola oil produced in the state every year to fill the state capitol 19 times.

23. No state in the country grows more sunflowers than North Dakota.

24. The North Dakota town of Rugby is the exact geographic center of North America.

25. ND is one of the highest-ranking states for percentage of students who graduate from high school.

26. As crazy as it sounds, it is illegal to dance in North Dakota while wearing a hat.

27. The other most bizarre law in North Dakota is that it is illegal to take a nap while wearing shoes in the state.


28. There is an official, government-sanctioned holiday for Mr. Bubble – the bubble bath brand. It was signed into existence by the Governor in 2011.

29. The Geese in Flight sculpture along North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway holds the Guinness World Record as the largest metal sculpture in the world.

30. North Dakota is the only state in America that has never had an earthquake. TC Mark

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