This Is Why She Doesn’t Miss You

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She doesn’t miss you because she doesn’t miss rejection, she doesn’t miss heartbreak and she doesn’t miss questioning herself every night.

She doesn’t miss you because you didn’t give her much to miss anyway. You were always selfish, you were always moody and you always made her regret giving you another chance.

She doesn’t miss you because even in the most romantic city in the world, she felt your distance, she felt your indifference and she felt that you were not in heaven like she was. She didn’t feel that this was everything you wanted like she did. She felt alone.

She doesn’t miss you because she sees how effortlessly people around her love each other and make things work. She sees how they find reasons rather than excuses. She sees men who try. She sees everything you never did.

She doesn’t miss you because she never asked you for more than your time. She never asked for a ring or a fairytale. She never asked you for anything you couldn’t provide. She was asking for a chance. A chance to prove to you that there’s more to her than what you see. A chance to follow her heart in case it leads to yours. A chance to see if this could be love or if she should just move on. She doesn’t miss you because if giving her a chance was too much for you, then she is too much for you. You don’t deserve her. You don’t deserve her efforts and you definitely don’t deserve her heart.

She doesn’t miss you because with you, she was always lonely. She forgot how to be loved. She forgot how love works. She forgot her worth.

She doesn’t miss you because she realized that missing you is just a waste of time. It’s only hurting her. It’s only causing her pain.

She doesn’t miss you because you’re not someone she should miss. You didn’t treat her right. You didn’t give her love and you didn’t give her closure. You didn’t give her your time or your attention. You didn’t give her anything to miss.

She doesn’t miss you because she finally understood that people like you shouldn’t be missed. They should be forgotten. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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