Stop Making Excuses And Just Give Her A Chance

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You can say she’s needy or she’s too emotional but she’s not. She just wants you and she’s not afraid to show it.

You can say she’s a little bit all over the place, she doesn’t know what she wants but she knows she likes you. She’s sure about you. She’s choosing you.

You can say she’s going to write about me or call me out but you don’t know that you’re her muse and you’re her art.

You can say she’s got issues. She doesn’t come from a stable home but she knows how to make one. She knows when she’s found a home and she wants to make a home out of you. 

You can say she’s eccentric, she’s bizarre and she’s not going to bend for anyone, but she’ll meet you halfway, she’ll understand you better than anyone can. She’ll understand your weird habits, your quirks and your details. She loves details and she’ll love yours.

You can say she’s a hopeless romantic, she’s unrealistic but she’ll love you unconditionally, she’ll show you that there’s nothing hopeless about her love. Her love is full of hope, full of forgiveness and full of passion.

You can say she doesn’t check all your boxes, she’s not what you want on paper but she’ll heal your heart, she’ll see right through you and she’ll love you for who you are, not the things you own.

You keep making excuses to run away from her, you keep looking for reasons why it’s not going to work out or why it won’t make sense but she’s just ready to jump in with both feet, even if she has the same doubts and fears.

The difference between you and her is that you’re scared of what might happen if it doesn’t work out and she’s scared of what might happen if she lets you go. You’re scared of staying and she’s scared of leaving. 

You can say she’s not the one. And maybe she’s not but she’s worth the chance, she’s worth the risk, she’s worth every single minute you spend with her because what she’ll give you is much more than what you see in her and the way she’ll love you will live with you long after she’s gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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