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The Happiest People Are Those Who Realized That God Is Enough

I envy these people.

I want their faith.

I want their strength.

I want their solid feet when their world is falling apart.

I want their forgiveness when their heart is breaking.

I want their pace in moving on when something isn’t meant to be.

I want their ease in letting go of what they can’t control.

I want their peace of mind, knowing that God is enough, knowing that God is writing their story, knowing that God has better things planned for them and knowing that loving God is the only love they really need in their lives.

They’re not concerned with worldly pleasures, with things that are temporary or people who decide not to love them anymore. They have learned that as long as you depend on people for your happiness, they’ll always disappoint you but as long as you depend on God, you’ll always be reassured, you’ll always be satisfied and you’ll always wake up every morning thankful for life, grateful for everything in it, even your hardships.

People find happiness when they find God.

People understand life, when they understand God.

People truly start living when they make God their guide, their leader and their voice.

I don’t know how they got there but I know that this is the ultimate truth, this is how you enjoy your life and this is how you stay calm, strong and patient in times of pain and distress. This is how you heal.

Because once you learn that God is enough, you’ll never have to question yourself, you’ll never have to doubt yourself or your decisions. You become whole again. You become complete.

Maybe we’re all confused, hurt and sad because we still don’t know how to talk to God. We still don’t get it. We still ask for things that are wrong for us. We still hope to change our destiny. We still think he’s being too hard on us. We still think he doesn’t know what makes us happy.

Maybe we all can’t trust each other because we still don’t know how to trust God.

The happiest people are those who trust God blindly, because that’s how they see the light. That’s how they walk through life steadily no matter how bumpy the road may be, because they know that they’re being looked out for. They know they’re being protected. They know they’re being loved by God and that’s enough. More than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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