Here's How The Leo New Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s How The Leo New Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Ugh, finally, the relief we all need. The July eclipse cycle in Cancer and Capricorn was honestly exhausting for most of us. It was like swimming to shore and not being able to stop without drowning… in the middle of the night where you can’t see jack smack.

The sun is now shining, as it’s LEO season, babes. The New Moon taking place in 8°36′ Leo on July 31 is the start of a new energetic cycle for us all. It’s a time to just soak in the sunlight and radiate it to light up darker places. It’s less about finding a new direction as much as it is pursuing the path you’ve been contemplating for the past two year cycle.

The previous cycle in Leo/Aquarius was about creativity versus contribution, individuality versus community, and expression versus empathy. We experienced trials, tribulations, and also success through our attempts to contribute our individuality to others while practicing mindfulness. It prepared our inner strength to serve as a grounding force instead relying on our comfort zone—the place bounding us to our self-defeating behaviors.

It’s a time of breaking barriers and self-imposed limitations. The Cancer/Capricorn cycle is centered on authority versus agency, comfort zones versus destiny, and upbringing versus evolved self. We’re entering this new cycle with the ideal energy despite any challenging aspects.

We’ll likely feel more empowered to manifest our material wealth and success. This is an excellent time for channeling creativity and doing last minute check ups from retrograde maintenance. Our fruits are almost ripe. The challenging aspects are mostly centered on patience, resilience, and flow. However, your Sun and ascendant will largely determine the themes unfolding specifically for you.

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Aries (March 21-April 19): Ain’t nobody got time for that… especially you.

The July eclipse cycle highlighted and shadowed your 10th house. It may have seemed like a light flickering on and off in your brain. One day you understood you initiative and were flooded with creative insight, then the next day day you had creativity blocks and/or unsettling anticipations with anyone or anything in the work or public arena. Bear in mind the 10th house more specifically indicates not just what we long to achieve but a pre-existing sense of achievement in something we’ve done. Some of you are seeing work place or financial advancements coming into fruition, but they may seem slow. It could also be your sense of inadequacy lingering in your head convincing you to do more. Aries, now is notthe time for that.

Now the seasons are shifting, and this new moon is unfolding in your 9th house. Some of you have the opportunity to travel for leisure or visiting someone. Others of you may be mentally processing a recently gained perspective that may have come through solitude or creative exercises. A rite of passage is opening for you to new, much-needed networks to help expand your ideas, creative talents, and/or leadership to the world. You legitimately need to mentally prepare for the powerfully great opportunities about to come to you. Don’t fall short to your restless ambitions. Everything is happening for you, Aries.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Expression comes with exposure.

How much flow are you allowing into your life, Taurus? Probably a lot considering this eclipse cycle in July pushed you to cast away for a bit to enjoy lighthearted activities– perhaps new romances, flings, a few drinks to take off the edge from your anxious anticipations, self-care, and/or splurging on yourself. This New Moon, nevertheless, will graciously wake you from your cat naps. Bad news, welcome to the real world again. Good news, the new season is shifting your 10th house into focus– therefore empowering you to look for the new opportunities to grow your presence in any creative project, social media, or anything you present to the world.

Keep in mind newness can feel uncomfortable and easy to talk ourselves out of. Especially considering a lot of fixed energy with this eclipse and its aspects, you may feel stuck in your own mental space. This can cloud your ability to see opportunities or spot any needed signs to reconfigure your plans accordingly. Or, it can push you into more isolation and comfort from your play and down time. Most of what you’re experiencing is unexplainable anxiety. No matter how exposed or weird you feel expressing yourself differently, bear in mind your self-expression is what exerts your desires into existence. People will allow you to own it if you do, dear Taurus.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Magnetism on fleek.

The July eclipses have put you on all types of wack, Gemini. You had to sit through pretty tough emotional experiences that allowed you to release something putting a damper on you. The new season is shifting your vibration from the 12th to 11th house– therefore inspiring you to creatively express yourself on social media, friendships, and other groups who can be considered one of your “tribes”. Being so different and individualistic, it’s tough finding others who you relate to. You’re adaptable and intelligent, which allows you to be more relatable and well-spoken. This trait is everything you need to make the most of this two week cycle.

I mean, someone’s always giving you crap for existing as the person you are. In recent weeks (months for some), this was a recurring theme in your relationships or any regular interaction in your personal space– therefore bleeding into your involvement with friends, social and community circles, and can also have to do with your online presence. The past cycle still has you slightly raw with emotions, but you can alleviate this with opening your perspective to different people who may share more in common with you than expected. This New Moon is thankfully empowering you to rebuild how you connect with like-minded people who have similar interests and challenges as you. Show those who hurt you in recent weeks how much you truly radiate greatness and how much you don’t need them, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Spotlight or not, your shine is here to stay.

Leo season’s always gotta come in and steal your thunder, huh Cancer? Of course not. The July eclipse cycle allowed you to process needed transitions in how you define your sense of self. The True Node is still in your sign; therefore, your shine cycle is here to stay. The new season shifted your vibration from the 1st to 12th house. You’ve either gained new opportunities or perspectives on how you re-create yourself, material wealth, and your entire inner space. In turn, you’ve been asked, or will be asked in the near future, to release what no longer serves you– whether it be a living situation, relationship, job, etc.

For many, however, this choice has a positive opportunity cost. Keep in mind the burdens and frustrations from rapid change can cause you to sabotage what’s in front of you. The 12th house isn’t depressing– if anything, it’s where our liberation is the most empowering. Where we outgrow and truly evolve. Where you can really show up for yourself and no one else. However, this doesn’t mean evolve alone– it just means allow those on your wavelength to carry in the next cycle. Enjoy the fun-loving energy of Leo season and allow others to see how much brighter this cycle is making you, Cancer.

Leo (July 23-August 22): It’s safe for you to show up.

This is one helluva New Moon for you, my Leos. With the eclipse cycle in Leo/Aquarius finishing out in January 2019, drastic life transformations have occurred in waves over the last few years; thus, it’s been tough for you. Dog days are over for you, as this new season is shifting your vibration from your 2nd to 1st house. This is a time for powerful realignment that not only empowers you to practice discipline in your finances and tangibility. It’s also allowing you to be more expressive of what you’ve been reluctant to share with others– whether it be creative projects, personal experiences, or your personal truth.

As many of you have been re-creating who you are or readjusting to releasing what isn’t you, this New Moon is where you’ll really leave an imprint on others with how much you’ve grown in all areas of life. Your progress hasn’t gone unnoticed and is even getting more recognition behind the scenes.While you may not bear all your fruit at the moment, you must allow yourself to shine first. This New Moon is everything you need to make this happen. Don’t get caught in past thinking. This is now, Leo. Show up.

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Put your mouth where your money is.

You’ve likely been planning something profoundly life changing, Virgo. It largely pertains to new beginnings with a living situation and/or re-configuring your comfort zone. For many of you, it connects to relationships with anything such as breakups, engagements, children, or marriage. Others of you, however, may be experiencing this as an underlying theme whereas the overarching theme has been sorting out the details with documents, communications, finances, or any resource allowing you to create movement in this area of your life.

A lot of 2nd and 3rd house activity will re-gain momentum with this New Moon. The eclipses impacting your 5th and 11th houses may have sparked creativity and lightheartedness; however, it also pushed you far into your mental space. If you need help during this time, it’s okay to ask for it or find additional resources to aid you. If anything, now’s a great time to look into this. You may feel more empowered in the details during this time. That’s perfectly okay. You may have been overlooking something that can be your saving grace. Finances and acquisitions are highlighted for you. Be impeccable with your word and watch your outcomes be impeccable with their manifestation, dear Virgo.

Libra (September 23-October 22): Listen ’til ya learn.

Feel the energy elevate, Libra. The eclipse cycle happening in your 4H/10H is bobbling you a bit. Many of you have decided in recent weeks or months to pursue a new direction– which likely came with relocating, re-establishing your home space, and/or deep contemplations with your current living situation. For others, it can be rifts in the family unit– whether it be their lack of support in a new career interest or imposing expectations that can be slightly overwhelming. In turn, you’ve been processing your sentiments for your situation while trying to account for all who are involved in it.The new season is shifting your vibration from your 4th to 3rd house– therefore indicating an important decision needing more thought on what’s entailed on your behalf.

Your situation may be lacking the necessary details, more or less. You could be presented with an overwhelming amount of intuitive information where it’s easy to read too much into it. You may feel more talkative on your behalf, so be sure to listen to both others and your inner voice. This New Moon will alleviate communication barriers, as it’s empowering you to engage in more discussions and the general details. Expect weird signs and mentally note them. Just be patient, Libra.

Scorpio (October 23-November 22): Intuition protects your power.

Screw having a lease on life, Scorpio. I think we both know you want more for yourself than your humility allows you to admit. I’ve observed many Scorpios suddenly decide they wanted to be their best (with hopes of being the best). Sometimes we hold ourselves back from achieving the desired level of success not because we feel others have power over us– but instead how much we fear our own power. This is especially true for you during this New Moon. Because the new season is shifting your vibration from the 5th to 4th house, many of you may be experiencing self-doubt– therefore provoking an urgency for familiarity and falling back into your comfort zone.

For others, you may feel self-conscious with your emotional self-expression for feeling like “too much” when processing the heaviness you’ve burdened in recent weeks. Some of you may also be dealing with family sentiments; however, I believe family is always a present theme with Scorpio. Since the July eclipse cycle also impacted your 3rd and 5th houses, shadowed details are confusing you. Just because you can’t see how much control you have doesn’t change how scarily powerful you are. If you feel someone has been keeping tabs on you, let them. They have something you don’t– a stellar intuition that can penetrate any darkness. You thrive on details only presented through intuitive lens. This is your greatest power right now, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): Set and shine is part of the grind.

Looks like someone has been good. Yeah, I’m looking at you Sagittarius. I know you like to make people think you don’t care, but you deserve to be commended for how much care you’ve exercised in recent weeks. You’ve examined how to make better use of your time, energy, and finances through the little habits and lifestyle choices you make. With the July eclipse cycle hitting your 2nd and 8th houses, you may have experienced subtle financial blessings where you put how you’ve built your success under review. For others, it’s about finding the ability to re-claim agency over any creative, intellectual, or health (to include athletic) pursuit where you felt others were pushing you in their shadow.

Creativity is flowing through you during this time, which can empower you to overcome how others have measured your success. The new season is shifting your vibration from the 6th to 5th house– therefore reassuring you the play time you’re about to reward yourself is well deserved. Whether it’s a new beginning in romance or an exciting opportunity, enjoy what the present has to offer. You manifest best when you’re in a light state of mind and heart, Sagittarius.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Screw ’em.

The struggle is real with the South Node in your sign, dear Capricorn. You’ve likely been experiencing painful revelations about how family and social expectations have misled you on how you define who you truly are. This July eclipse cycle extracted the toxins from how you feel in your own skin to surface. With much 1st and 7th house activity, many of you have contemplated if a partner, friend group, or any type of partnership is an authentic reflection of you. The new season is shifting your vibration from the 7th to 6th house– therefore indicating a closer speculation of your personal habits, routines, and choices in response to any significant life changes occurring in recent weeks.

This is a time to sort through personal details and be constructively critical with yourself– not necessarily others. Bear in mind this eclipse can stir confusion in how you perceive others and yourself, as you’re experiencing vast transformations. It’s easier to remind yourself you aren’t wrong– what you were taught to believe is wrong. If you want to be right in this case, remedy your sense of inadequacy using this energy to empower the little things that make you who you are. You’re allowed to be an individual, Capricorn.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Be impeccable with your intentions.

It’s a struggle being people-minded when you hold your independence with high regard, Aquarius. The July eclipse cycle has likely knocked you off the radar, as a lot of 8th and 2nd house activity is requiring you to process unfamiliarity a lot quicker than you’re used to. Many of you are experiencing transformative events– whether it be an engagement, marriage, children, legal matters, a new living situation, or anything requiring a great deal of obligation from something aside from yourself. For others, it can feel like you’re carrying the emotions and responsibilities of a partner or loved one– or– your emotions may be heavy to where you feel codependent or lacking agency for yourself.

The new season is shifting from your 8th to 7th house, however. While some of you may feel your partner or other people in your life empower your sense of self, others of you may feel urged to take action on something before it settles in stone. Use this New Moon to be impeccable with your intentions. Make sure all changes moving forward are done for the right reasons and are an authentic reflection of who you are, Aquarius.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Bless the stress.

The seeds may be planted though not rooted yet, Pisces. The July eclipse cycle involved a lot of 3rd and 9th house activity– therefore meaning you’ve been exploring and learning more about what you want in the future. It’s been a free flowing time for you, though complications may have arisen on how others were receiving your message. Whether it be a partner, roommate, or affiliate of any kind, you may have felt that arranging anything pertaining to traveling or learning opportunities were futile for you. Expect this New Moon to tighten the loose screws for you, as you may have to prepare to make a life-changing decision in the near future.

The new season is shifting from your 9th to 8th house– therefore meaning you may be anticipating (and have been) a new beginning in anything pertaining to engagement, marriage, huge traveling or moving opportunity, children, and can even involve a relationship start end, or renewal. It’ll involve anything with planning and organizing in respect to financial resources and investments. You’ve been looking to expand yourself for quite some time. Whatever it is, Pisces, prepare yourself for the long haul so you can enjoy the abundance that’ll soon flood into your life.

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