This Is Why Your Soft Heart Is Really Needed

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When the world has torn into you and left your kindness in shreds, when the unfairness of the world itself gets to you, I need you to remember this. You are needed. When they make fun of your fragile little heart and make you feel like you are different and unnecessary, I need you to remember that you are so much more important that twenty hard hearted humans. Your existence is not just valid, it is so deeply important.

You see, your soft heart, your sensitivity, no matter how many times they dismiss it, is the reason why there is still kindness left in the world. You are the person people know they can turn to in their times of need. You are the soft heart that is there to empathise when others ache at their very worst. This is why you deserve to be protected. I believe that kindness is an endangered thing in this world of ours, and our most important resource. And if someone is sensitive, they are born with something more precious that diamonds inside themselves.

However, the life of a kind soul is always harder than most. In school, children are cruel and teachers insist you are too oversensitive. Your parents will tell you to toughen up because the world is a hard place. But you are still the child that spends time looking around the classroom, seeing others who look hurt or in pain and trying to help them. You’re still the child who gently places fallen baby birds back in their nests. You are still the soft soul that gets your heart broken over cruel words and awful acts when you watch the news. You can’t understand why there is so much hate in the world when it really does not take that much to be good. It drives you to be nicer to people, it makes you understand how much they are carrying within themselves.

This, exactly this innocence is what you must protect about yourself. Do not let the world change you. Do not allow anyone to change how you feel. Do not become hard. Treasure your softness. It’s what makes you incredible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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