7 Big But Small Everyday Habits To Make Your Life Happier

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  1. Wake up a bit earlier everyday. From 8, make it 7, from 7 make it 6. And when you finally manage to awake early enough, just open your window and listen to the breeze, or admire the quiet before the bustle of anyone else. Just still yourself and listen for a while. There is nothing more peaceful than a place before anyone else has awoken. Some mornings, watch the sunrise. Watch the sky change colour. Just breathe.
  2. Eat something healthy every morning. Whether it is a smoothie, or a lot of fruit, and eggs and juice, greek yogurt or granola. Eating healthy first thing in the mornings makes such a difference to your body and your mood, you would be surprised. Eat your breakfast outdoors, whether in a balcony or the garden. Enjoy these quiet moments by yourself.
  3. Exercise and stretch. Start with 10 minutes. Then work it up to twenty. Then to thirty. Whether it is going for walks or running on the treadmill or doing weights. Just work out for a few minutes every morning to get yourself ready for the day. Wake your muscles up and let yourself energise.
  4. Do one nice thing every day. It doesn’t have to be big, just something nice for someone else. Buy the person behind you coffee in the queue. Call someone you love and let them know you appreciate them. Help someone who needs it. It will make you fall in love with yourself and your life, the smile from a grateful stranger who really needed the help.
  5. Have a bath or a shower at leisure instead of a hurry. Get our your favourite shampoo, your favourite showergel, your most lovely smelling bath mix. Turn on the music. Get that perfect temperature. Allow yourself to think, and breathe to the sound of your favourite music and smells.
  6. Instead of watching a film or TV, pick a book to get lost in. Choose something different for a change. After work, or after a tough day, get your favourite hot drink, and find your cosiest, most comfortable chair, and just get lost in the words for a while.
  7. Sleep a bit earlier everyday. Your body will thank you more if your sleep at 9 o clock than if you sleep at 12, and you will wake up feeling wonderful every morning, the better a sleep habit you develop. TC mark

Nikita Gill

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River, a book about healing and becoming whole again.

Your Soul Is A River

“Love a soft person. The ones who are positive, even in the worst of circumstances. Someone whose strength is not in bravado, but in their quiet. Someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. Someone who is the moon that soothes instead of the sun that burns. Someone who sees the very best in people even when you think they aren’t worth it. The kind of person who always wants to do the best for those they love.”
—Excerpt from Your Soul Is A River, by Nikita Gill

“I bought this on a whim to read as I was resting for the night, and I do not regret it one bit! Everything about the poetry in this book is amazing, heart breaking, and soul searching. It will lift your spirits on your darkest days. I want to thank the author so much for writing this, as it’s something I will be rereading a lot! Always remember, everything about you is important. You matter.” —McKayla

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