Here’s To Your Strength

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Here’s to you on this beautiful day. Here’s to your endurance, your power, every struggle you have ever gone through. Here’s to every moment you thought was your last and all those times you thought your heart would never ever be the same again. Here’s to you on this day, on this beautiful, bright day where ever you are. You have survived and you have thrived. You have made it through every single one of the hardest times, the worst kind of demons. Can you imagine how wonderfully strong you are? You have made it through every single bad day, defeated every demon and found a way to smile again even when you thought you never would.

Take the time out today to appreciate yourself. Spend time doing something you normally wouldn’t do because you feel like it’s selfish for you to spend time on yourself. You deserve the healing, the self care more than anyone. Your mind and your heart deserve that drink, that extra piece of pizza, that cake, everything you have been denying yourself. Take yourself to get that manicure, go for that walk instead of spending time with your friends today, or go to that party instead of spending yet another night studying. Do what makes you happy for a change, not what you are supposed to do. Remember the mantra: self care is not selfish in any way.

Today is for you. All about the things you have survived and thrived through. Everything that makes you you. I hope you understand and appreciate how incredible you are. Because if you do not appreciate yourself for the small victories, for the quiet personal victories no one knows about then no one will. Because no one else knows what you battle every single day but you. And they are no small feats. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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