Read This If You’re Questioning Your Entire Existence

Yes, everyone lives radically different lives, and to make it even more complex, our brains constantly change with the people we meet, the life experiences we have, the books we read, the movies we watch, the parts of the world we see, so on.

But, I have come to realize that no matter how conspicuous data points, statistics and footage prove to be true, I am pulled in different directions based on the overload of knowledge sharing. I constantly find myself in the space between each side: the gray area. This gray area, however, is where I find my empathy, my compassion, my truth.

I encourage you to truly understand your gray area, your space between, your instrumental bridge, your pause. In this gray piece of real estate, your ego is tampered with, your foundational views about life may seem like a nuance, you might question every ideology you have ever known, your existence could feel like a hoax, but I want you to know — it is okay to feel confusion, it is okay to feel lost.

Don’t ignore this discomfort but instead, welcome it. By ignoring and patching up all the uncertainty, you are ripping parts of you that will actually help clarify your doubts. By choosing to resist yourself from entering a door you’ve never known, just for the sake of your comfort, you slowly replace your body with numbness resulting in a conditional outlook of life. You force yourself to believe this is the truth, all because it feels safe.

Trust me, you would much rather want to feel something real, even if it is pain and sorrow, than a love that is simply conditional, a love that is based on terms of judgement, of rules, of expectations.

If you’re questioning beliefs in your own home, within yourself, within your world, keep on investigating. Keep on exploring, keep on making strides, because knowledge is power, only if you put it to action. But through your journey, remember to maintain your inner peace and compassion, as this energy will translate outwardly — powerfully.

It may all seem like a jumble at the moment, but this cryptic melting pot of dynamic beliefs and emotions that differ amongst all of our brains actually keeps us in harmony with our entire planet. We continue to grow together. We continue to build together. Our insatiable gray area’s encourage us to find and live our truths by giving us the courage to crack open our closed-off minds, allowing us to make edits to our current stories as we become more conscious of ourselves and others.

It’s not a coincidence that from the rivers spilled across the sequoia filled terrains, to the nightingale’s chirping right outside your home, to the Maasai’s keeping their livestock afloat in Masai Mara – we breathe the same oxygen and see the same illuminating rays of sunlight that light up our entire world, reminding us that we are all connected under the same Pale Blue Dot, collectively.

“We’re all just standing on piles of collective fiction”