If You Don’t Identify With 1 Of These 12 Types Of Couples, Are You Even Dating?

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1. The couple who does EVERYTHING together.

You are never apart. NEVER. You’re the couple who makes bathroom trips together at the bar (and not to have sex of any kind). When they pee, you pee, in your respective toilets or stall. Even for the things normal couples don’t do together, like stuff that you both don’t have common interest in, you STILL do together. You feel like your dying if you’re not by each other’s side.

2. The couple who tells each other all of their friends’ secrets.

When your best friend since child birth tells you a secret and asks you not to tell your significant other NO MATTER WHAT, you tell them as soon as you get home. “Babe, guess what Stacey told me tonight that you’re NEVER gonna believe…” You guys don’t tell anyone except each other, which you use as justification every time you share a forbidden secret. Secrets secrets are no fun, unless you share with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

3. The couple who everyone loves to hate.

You’re the power couple. You’re both extremely good-looking, professionally successful, and you both give each other orgasms every time you have sex. Your friends say, “you guys are so cute, it’s annoying,” and they’re right. You don’t even try to flaunt your perfection, it just happens.

4. The couple who has been together FOREVER.

You’re probably high school sweethearts, if not elementary school. Your families are best friends and have known each other forever too. You grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same college, and probably never really dated anyone else. You’re the couple who has only ever loved each other.

5. The couple who travels the world together.

You’re the wanderers. You’ve been all over the world, and you’ve been there together. Your instagrams are loaded with beautiful photos of places that don’t even look real. Everyone wonders what the two of you do for a living.

6. The couple who makes art together.

You’re each other’s muses. You’re the inspiration for their songs, poetry, paintings whatever your art of choice is, you both are the focal point. You like to go to the local coffee shop together and discuss your newest project while snacking on fancy vegan cookies.

7. The couple who is way out of the other’s league.

People can’t believe you’re together, because one of you is so far out of the other’s league. Everyone else seems to think that one of you got very, very lucky, but you both see each other as complete equals. You guys have a love that’s real, because if it weren’t, well the two of you together just wouldn’t make any sense…?

8. The couple who works out together.

You both know every muscle group and how to work them. You take each other’s before and after progress photos, and you hold each other’s feet and kiss at the end of every sit up. One (or both) of you looks hella fine in skinny jeans.

9. The couple who are complete opposites.

You know what they say, opposites attract. You two could not be more different, but somehow it just works. *chemistry*

10. The couple who’s untraditional.

You don’t care what other couples are doing. Getting married, having children, buying houses, the only thing you both care about is each other, and what works for your relationship.

11. The stoner couple.

Pretty self explanatory. You both have a common show that you love to watch while you’re high and it’s probably animated, if not it’s a video game.

12. The couple who everyone knows will most likely be together forever.

When you both first started dating, you told each of your friends that “there was something different about this one,” that you “REALLY REALLY liked them.” Since then, it’s been one hell of a roller coaster. You’re not the perfect couple, you have your issues, but each of you know that you’re in it for the long run. This person just gets you like no one else does, and everyone can see that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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