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Thought Catalog: A Critique

I have articles published on TC, I’m a frequent commenter on TC and I also share TC’s articles on Facebook and talk about them with friends: it’s a little awkward, but I have to admit that I contribute in a…

A Dark Cloud

Mark squeezed the newspaper and shut his eyes even tighter. The wave of sadness was unstoppable. People died babies died – and people carried on anyway. He moved quickly through the crowd towards the door, choking back tears. Maybe I will go back to my room and die.

“You’re Wrong And I Can Help You”

It doesn’t even matter how you’re arguing. Even if you’re just asking the other person questions in a very civil way, if underneath that is the thought “they’ll benefit from me saying this,” then it’s time to back off.

Sitting Alone Together

Quite deliberately, she plants her hands on the ground, gets up and looks down at you. Though the clearing is lit only by the moon and stars, you can still discern a smile. Your heart lightens and your smile mirrors hers.

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