This Is Exactly What Makes You So Damn Annoying, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Exactly What Makes You So Damn Annoying, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you strongly believe you are destined for great things. You’re highly motivated and driven, but sometimes people just wish you’d stop worshipping at your own altar.

Your highly competitive nature is not only annoying, but it makes others feel run over. You can sometimes forget how to be part of a team and it makes it difficult for others to work or collaborate with you. You’re that kid in class nobody wanted on their project because everything had to be done their way.

You like to take charge and you can become dismissive of other people’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

This take charge attitude can also lead you do make hasty and rash decisions without thinking of the repercussions. You’re headstrong and determined, doing what you want when you want and how you want. Nobody can influence you or tell you what to do. You’re highly impulsive and don’t think twice before acting on a situation. Seriously, take a moment to weigh the consequences.

You’re self-centered and very me-oriented. The world revolves around you, nobody’s successes are as big as yours, and nobody’s problems are as big as yours. You make people around you feel like they can’t talk to you without you turning the conversation back to you.

Your self-interest only makes you hot-tempered and angry when things don’t go your way and the only thing more annoying than you is a child having a tantrum.


Taurus, you are notoriously known as being the most stubborn of all. You have uncompromisable beliefs and ideas about the world around you. You have a deep-rooted unwillingness to budge in those beliefs and ideas, and also in your habits.

Your headstrong beliefs rub off in a in your face attitude. You try to impose your ideas on other people and its uncomfortable. You’re not always right, Taurus, and people are allowed to have thoughts different and opposing yours. Just because it’s not the way you think, what you believe, or how you feel, means they’re wrong.

You’re practical, so you play it safe, which is boring, and it annoys and bores those closest to you. You don’t know how to take different approach and you seldom try new things. You often withdraw and want to spend time alone, which can come off as you shutting others out. You’re hard working, but can become lazy because you’re all about comfort and self-indulgence, so you come off as being unmotivated. Get your ass off the couch and open your blinds, do something a little different this Saturday night.

You don’t like to negotiate, you rarely ever do, and you never can admit when you’re wrong. Have you any idea how much this infuriates people closest to you? Your my way or highway mentality is what has people rolling their eyes behind your back, and truthfully, you could stand to take a lesson in the art of apologizing. It is so hard for you to swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness, and it’s really annoying when you’re never the one to give in first.


Can you just shut up, already? I mean, really.

You’re sociable, yes, and most of the time it’s endearing, but sometimes you’re just too chatty. You repeat the same story, over and over again, and jump from topic to topic, it’s exhausting, not to mention you sometimes don’t let others get a word in. You have this inability to listen to others, when all they need you to do sometimes is just shut up so they can speak, or maybe just shut up, period. You come off as being a poor listener, Gemini.

You’re way too energetic and way too enthusiastic, sometimes those around you wish you would turn it down a couple notches. Sometimes people want that cup of coffee in the morning before dealing with all that excitedness. You’re a social butterfly, and you love having something to do, but sometimes people want to stay in, be alone, and you can become annoying with your habit of trying to “convince” your friends to go out with you. It’s called pressuring.

You’re inconsistent, face it, you have a fickle nature. You can’t ever make a solid decision and you tend to flake on instant. Make up your mind, you come off as indecisive and slightly superficial.

Everyone loves you (and all your personalities) but while you don’t mean to be, you come off as two-faced, gossiping and judging your friends behind their backs. You want to know everything, about everyone and anything, at all times, and you just come off as gossipy, Gemini.


Cancer, there’s no way to say this without hurting your feelings, but you’re just too emotional.

You are whiny when things don’t go your way or when life throws you into unexpected situations, the same way you’re whiny when something is not to your liking. You make sure everybody around you knows. Crybaby, that’s what you are.

When you’re not crying about what went wrong today, you’re busy living in the past. Get over your ex, already. You’re sweet and loyal, so it’s not your fault you find it difficult to let go, but let go.

Let go of mommy (or daddy), too. It’s endearing how much you love your family, but everyone has to leave the nest or stop relying on mom and dad for emotional support and guidance one day.

You’re moody. An unpredictable kind of moody. What mood are you going to be in today? Sometimes people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you and worry about what’s wrong with you constantly.

You’re hot and cold, and frankly, you make romantic interests just want to throw their hands up in defeat.

When you’re not busy with your emotional tirades, you’re busy trying to put up a harsh exterior and hide the fact that you’re all a sea of soft emotions on the inside, because you don’t want anyone knowing how sensitive you really are. Those closest to you, especially romantic partners, are sick of the wall you put up to hide your hypersensitivity. Let go, just let go, and stop hiding away, let people in already.

You’re so insecure because you have a deep rooted fear of rejection, but you make others the target of your insecurities. Let go, Cancer.


When you’re done looking in the mirror, maybe you can take a second to read about a few annoying traits about yourself. You like being the center of attention, don’t you?

You love being in the spotlight and you enjoy being the star of the show. It’s a problem how much you crave being the center of attention. You’re overconfidence makes people think you are just plain egotistical, self-obsessed, and vain. People aren’t aware of how hard you really are on yourself because you’re too busy overemphasizing how amazing you think you are.

You’re plain arrogant and nobody can stand it. Vanity and pride get the best of you.

You’re over dramatic, especially when you’re not getting your way. You become loud and lose your temper easily, without thinking things through. Sometimes others feel as though they have to tiptoe around you.

Take it down a notch, and stop being such a show-off.


Virgo, you’re only annoying because you’re too hard to please. You’re never content with anything because you’re a perfectionist.

Your critical eye for detail sometimes makes you spend too much time looking for flaws in everything and everyone. You’re knit-picky and it’s annoying as hell.

Things have to be done a certain way, and preferably by you, and you only, because you are the emperor of micro-managing. You tend to pick others apart and sometimes you annoy people around you with your unreasonable demands and criticism.

You’re a know it all. You’re that annoying kid who was an overachiever and had to excel at everything.

You need to know all the details before doing anything. Sometimes it’s okay to walk into things blindly, or come face to face with the unpredictable, you don’t need an itinerary for everything. You live life like playing a chess game, always calculating every move. You need to learn how to relax, so others around you can do the same.

You’re a neurotic mess who makes mountain out of molehills. Stop and take a deep breath.


Libra you’re annoying because you’re indecisive and codependent as hell.

You’re that friend who gets into a relationship and flakes out on all their friends. It’s because you tend to rely on others for your happiness and when you do this you neglect yourself. Those around you are tired of seeing it. It’s frustrating when you identify as a unit and not as a self, and it’s only because you’re so committed to relationships, which can be a good thing up to a certain degree, but you take it to the unhealthy level. It doesn’t only annoy your friends, but it overwhelms your partners. Nobody likes a stage 5 clinger.

You’re scared of being alone and become comfortable too quickly, which might make others uncomfortable. You try to attach yourself to others because you need to constantly be surrounded by people. It’s smothering. Sometimes it’s exhausting to spend time with you.

You’re easily distracted, sometimes you come off as being scatterbrained. You have an innate inability to make or stick to a decision (sometimes to people).

You can never pick sides because you’re a people pleaser. You’re too worried about being liked by everyone. You say what people want to hear, so nobody ever knows when to expect an honest opinion from you.


You’re a secretive, manipulative, hostile and vengeful bitch.

You’re just too intense and too passionate for your own good. All that passion can quickly turn into anger and hostility, especially when it comes to financial or sexual matters, or simply when you’re not getting what you want.

You manipulate to get your way and sometimes use sex as a weapon. It’s not just annoying, it’s kind of infuriating.

You don’t take anything lightly and become too emotionally invested in things. You become aggressive and argumentative in an attempt to protect those things, when you feel threatened, or when you’re trying to mark your territory, and it’s annoying as hell.

You expect the worst from people and have severe trust issues, and it makes you paranoid, annoyingly so.

You’re obsessive, and you’re all about extremes, and you become frustrated when people can’t meet your intensity. You need to learn that not everyone is as intense as you, and that’s okay.

You’re secretive, but expect others to be 100% upfront and transparent with you, and it’s really not fair. Admit it, you’re shady. You keep secrets, and it’s not always to hide something, it’s just the way you are, but you’re quick to write someone off for keeping them from you.

You’re intelligent, but it annoys people because they feel too insecure or embarassed to do or say things in front of you because you constantly correct others. You think you’re helping, but you’re only making others feel insecure.

It’s annoying how intimidating you can be.

You’re a cruel and calculating enemy, Scorpio, and others know it. You seek revenge just to make a point. You spend your time waiting to be crossed, and it’s annoying as hell, especially when people know they wouldn’t live to tell of it.


You don’t know how to keep still. You’re unpredictable and your boundless energy wears other people out. You live to explore all the world has to offer, but often this translates to lack of stability and consistency in life. Sometimes you come off as a random mess.

You’re loud and obnoxious.

You have this tendency to change your ideas, sometimes tastes. You’re on top of the latest trends. You’re that annoying trendy hipster. You’re always trying to get your friends to go along with the new styles and hotspots. You get these current fixations you won’t shut up about and it annoys everyone around you.

Sometimes you come off as shallow and detached, cold and distant.

You’re fun, life of the party, but you’re careless and distracted.

Others around you get annoyed with you because you have an inability to accept someone else’s point of view besides your own. You become argumentative and take it to the next level. You come off as lacking empathy because it’s hard for you to take other people’s problems seriously.

The thing that annoys people the most about you is the fact that you think you’re always right and you can never agree to disagree.


Capricorn, you’re very goal-oriented and stop at nothing to be where you want to be, sometimes coming off as cold, arrogant and self-righteous.

You annoy others because you believe you’re the only one with the right answer. Most of the time you’re right, but that’s not always the case. You lack a willingness and ability to see someone else’s point of view, and you tend to become passionate about sticking to your guns, even if you’re wrong. You talk to people like they’re your employees sometimes, and everyone is tired of it.

You look down on others who don’t work as hard as you do, and you come off as being a bit of a snob. Some would even call you an elitist.

You annoy people because you’re so concerned with your reputation, persona and image, too concerned to sometimes even just let yourself be yourself,

You’re too busy focusing on yourself and reaching your accomplishments that you lack empathy for other people’s feelings or for those in need.

You’re financially responsible, so much so, that sometimes you’re stingy, and your friends are tired of putting in that extra 10 for you when they order pizza.


Aquarius, you’re annoying because sometimes it’s almost too uncomfortable to interact with you because it feels like interacting with a robot. It’s difficult to connect with you. You’re closed off and aloof. You’re indifferent, but others think you just don’t care.

You’re too busy trying to figure out inner workings and problem solving, that you become detached from feelings. You’re just too logical. Your lack of emotional intelligence is frustrating and so is your lack of emotional response to those around you.

You’re impatient when others don’t perceive your logic and you have a stubborn mentality.

You’re individualistic, eccentric, even, and you don’t care what people think, but sometimes it seems like you’re trying too hard to stand out and going out of your way to appear different.


Pisces, you’re messy as fuck, and impractical as fuck.

Really, you’re just a damn hot mess. Emotionally. Physically. You can’t keep things in order, most of all your feelings, and people are tired of picking up after you.

You’re too compassionate for your own good. You’re always taking on other people’s problems, when you’re a damn mess yourself, and why don’t have the strength to deal with your own.

Everyone can count on you in a crisis, but you’re forgetful and unreliable when it comes to mundane day to day things. Your roommate knows it’s no use reminding you to put her clothes in the dryer or to close the garage because you will just forget.

You’re overly sensitive, more than should be normal, and you’re always jumping to conclusions.

You’re impractical about the reality of life, dreamy, and need to get your head out of the damn clouds. While you’re at it, stop falling in love with everyone who bats their eyes your way.

Sometimes, it’s like you’re not even present, too busy daydreaming or working your brain with ideas and visions of creativity. It annoys people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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