There Are Only 9 Types Of Horror Fans



Newbs just saw It Follows and realized horror is actually awesome. You’re the one that asks other horror-lovers for their favorite movies and are shocked when they name anything more than five years old. You REALLY love horror… as long as it’s all new and mass-produced.

Thrill Seekers

The Amityville Horror
The Amittyville Horror

Thrill Seekers are always looking for a bigger and better haunted house or interactive experience, and are known as the first ones in, last ones out. You have this supernatural ability to know which haunted house locations are the best and most realistic. You have done The Great Horror Campout. To your friends, it seems that nothing can truly scare you — that’s because Thrill Seekers are a rock. You’re the person everyone wants by their side if any scary event happened to them in real life and you would DEFINITELY survive the zombie apocalypse — if there’s an outbreak.

Creepypasta Connoisseur

Creepypasta Connoisseurs know the scariest places on the internet. “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” means something entirely different to you. You know who The Smiling Man is and you know the “real” story behind Lavender Town and Majora’s Mask (BEN Drowned). You did the Three Kings ritual and knew about NoSleep before it was a default subreddit.

Horror Book Nerds


Horror Book Nerds know that a good horror book can be WAY scarier than any horror movie. You’re never happy when a good horror book takes to the silver screen because it doesn’t ever measure up to the original text. You love Stephen King. Stephen King is your idol. You know where Stephen King lives. You still read Goosebumps now and then, just to relive your adolescent fears. And you will forever thank RL Stine for introducing you to your love of horror.

The Vintage Snob


The Vintage Snob loves horror movies but realizes their golden days have come and gone. You don’t understand why people like these crappy Hollywood remakes of your beloved classics. When people say they love horror but haven’t seen Nosferatu, your side eye can be heard ‘round the world. You have (or had) a Creature From The Black Lagoon poster in your home. You know the remake of The Omen doesn’t come close to the original, which debuted 30 years prior. Vincent Price and Lon Chaney are your people.

Horror Gamers


Horror Gamers love to experience the interactive fear of horror — from the safety of their couch. You have very strong opinions on what is the most terrifying game of all time. You know Silent Hill 2 is infinitely better than the original. You love Lone Survivor in all it’s old school glory. You have at least one very embarrassing story about being so immersed in a game you jumped/screamed out loud because of a game (but you’ll never tell anyone).

Horror Movie Ph.Ds


Horror Movie Ph.Ds know literally everything about horror movies. If you know exactly which movies “go down the road to the Mackenzies” is in, this is your category. You love knowing little known facts about your favorite (and least favorite) films. People love watching movies with you because you can always tell them something interesting they didn’t know before. People fight over you when it’s time to play trivia.

Paranormal Truthers


Paranormal Truthers love horror because they’re obsessed with what might be out there. You know that there’s more to life than what we see on the surface, and you want to know what it is. You know about Black Eyed Kids and Mel’s Hole. You love listening to people’s true encounters with the paranormal. You might even go on ghost hunting investigations or be an aspiring ufologist.

Hard Core Horror Lifers


The Hard Core Horror Lifer is an expert at horror across all categories: books, games, movies. You’ve read about serial killers and paranormal phenomena, have the absolute best taste in horror movies, and are the person everyone turns to when October approaches to point them the way of the best Halloween activities. You have already started planning your Halloween costume and no, you won’t tell anyone what it is. TC mark


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