27 One-Sentence Promises I’m Making To Myself That Will Make Every Day More Meaningful


1. I will hold myself accountable for my own mistakes, but I won’t beat myself up over them.

2. When I put my mind to a task, I’ll try my best to follow through, instead of getting halfway and then quitting.

3. Even if now isn’t the right time for me, I will make travel and adventure a priority in the future, and will start saving (money and vacation days) now to make that happen later.

4. When I’m hanging out with friends, or talking to coworkers, I’ll try to be more present during every conversation and stop spacing out or scrolling on my phone.

5. I won’t feel guilty for ~treating myself~ when I truly deserve it.

6. I will stop questioning my worth and trust that I bring value to myself and those around me.

7. When I speak up at work, or give feedback, I will do so confidently, instead of apologizing unnecessarily.

8. I will ask the owners of the cute dog on the sidewalk if I can pet their dog before petting said dog.

9. I will make a concerted effort to be more patient when people are giving me good advice that I just don’t really want to hear.

10. I promise to be honest with myself when I’m having a hard time processing things, because I need to be patient with myself.

11. When my significant other doesn’t do things exactly right, I will be understanding and appreciative of his effort, instead of reprimanding him for no reason.

12. If I can’t find a productive solution to a problem — at home, at work, anywhere — I’ll try to stay calm and think it through, instead of starting to panic.

13. When I say, “I’m happy for you” to a friend, mean it, always.

14. I need to be honest and straightforward about how I feel in any situation, because if I misrepresent my feelings, I’ll regret it.

15. Even if I don’t approve of all of my friend’s decisions or agree with all of their opinions, I will still try to show them love and support because they deserve nothing less from me.

16. I will allow myself to be inspired by unexpected lessons.

17. When I’m upset, I will try not to push people away or put my guard up.

18. But at the same time, I will make time for myself to recharge, and I won’t feel like I need to rationalize that alone time to anyone else.

19. I will allow myself to get discouraged, but I won’t allow myself to let that take the energy and positivity completely out of my day.

20. I will give myself a couple hours a day when I don’t think about work, and don’t talk about work, so that I force myself to appreciate all the other great parts of my life.

21. I will give myself the credit I need and deserve to keep my confidence and spirits high.

22. When my confidence is shaken by people around me, I will remember that how others perceive is not nearly as important as how I (and my super-close friends, boyfriend, and family) see me.

23. I will be moderate about my unhealthy food intake and alcohol intake, etc., but I won’t be too strict because wine and cookies are important, too.

24. I will stop waiting on apologies from people who used to be in my life, or even people I used to love, and will instead give forgiveness and learn to accept any apology I never got.

25. I will invest my time in healthy relationships, because fueling lasting relationships is so much more important than being distracted by insignificant ones.

26. I will get the hell off social media when I’m on the phone with someone I care about.

27. I won’t waste my time overthinking every little implication of someone else’s words; it’s never worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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