19 Things Only People Who Are Very Organized But Surprisingly Chill Understand


1. People never seem to understand why you can be the person who sets the time everyone should meet at… and then simultaneously be the person who shows up 15 minutes late. But to you, that seems totally normal.

2. You are the most deadline-oriented person in the world, but could never bring yourself to push other people to hit deadlines as well because they should be able to do whatever they want, as should you.

3. You always seem shockingly relaxed about working on a deadline, so people tend to assume that you forgot. But, in reality, you woke up three hours early, finished long before the deadline, already submitted your work, and are now relaxing in the backyard.

4. You overplan, but only in that you allot enough time for some tasks to take twice as long as they actually need to take. You know you’re going to take your sweet-ass time doing whatever you need to do, but you still want to finish on time, so you start much earlier. When you need to clean your house before company comes, it takes you an hour longer than most people because you do other things while cleaning. But that’s why you start three hours earlier than most people.

5. You are incredibly impatient with yourself, but are totally chill about everyone else’s agenda.

6. People assume that you’re a control freak, but then realize that as long as no one gets in your away, they’re perfectly at liberty to do whatever they want and it won’t bother you.

7. You are particular, but don’t get frustrated easily. So, your desk is meticulously set up, but if someone pushes something out of place, it won’t send you into a frenzy.

8. You are a scheduling fanatic, but you don’t always enforce it because you don’t want to inconvenience people, and you like to go with the flow.

9. In fact, when you do fall behind schedule, it doesn’t bother you because you just get to make another schedule, which you enjoy to begin with.

10. When you are put in charge, you can be a bit OCD about things, but you are more than willing to be easy-going when someone else is running the show.

11. You aren’t the mom of the friend group — not all organization-enthusiasts like to chorale a group of people and point them to three different bars in one evening. You are never the person who has to be in control, but if plans fall through, you probably have a back up because you’re dependable like that.

12. You love setting reminders and timers and alarm clocks and all of those things… but you also love pressing “snooze,” “ignore,” or “remind me again in 15 minutes,” repeatedly.

13. You are hyper-aware of where your possessions are at all times, but then when something goes missing, you’re too lazy to look for it.

14. You appreciate cleanliness, but you are not the type of roommate who enforces dish-cleaning laws or pulls a Monica Geller and sanitizes her own cleaning products. If things are clean, awesome. If they aren’t, you’re not too worried… you know you’ll get to them.

15. People wonder how you possibly have enough time in your day to get all the shit you need to finish done, and it’s because when you’re by yourself, you’re actually amazing at keeping to a schedule. But when you’re around other people, you welcome the distraction, and don’t mind getting a little sidetracked from your plans.

16. You have a sense of urgency while completing tasks, but unlike the people who can’t stand when others move slowly, you kind of appreciate that there are people who offset your often one-track mind.

17. Whenever people accidentally tamper with your organization, they apologize profusely, expecting you to be incredibly upset, and then are shocked when you respond completely unfazed.

18. You have come to accept that some things about your life — whether it’s your love life or your kitchen pantry — are in an organized state of chaos, or are a meticulously arranged mess. And you like it that way.

19. You believe that being enthusiastic about weed, and obsessively making to-do lists are not two mutually exclusive interests. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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