You May Be Sensitive, But You’re Sure As Hell Not Weak

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You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. When you fight with a loved one, your heart becomes heavy. When you see something terrible happening in the world around you, you ache. When you fall into someone, you give them everything you have.

There isn’t a thing you do, or say, or experience that isn’t with every single inch of your emotion and love.

You’re a sensitive person. You cry for the baby birds with broken wings, for the children without mothers, for the friends, and family members, and even strangers with shattered hearts. At a young age, you were acutely aware of everything around you—from the intonation of people’s voices to the way a certain color made you feel—in every way, you’ve experienced the world so deeply.

This is how you’ve always been, always will be.

But sometimes the world looks at you with distain. Sometimes people shake their head, calling you ‘silly,’ ‘naïve.’ Sometimes people have so much to say about the way you carry yourself, about how much emotion you have, about how you choose to let people in or fight far too long for love.

Sometimes you’re judged, called ‘delicate,’ as if that’s a bad thing. Called ‘soft,’ implying flimsiness rather than strength. But you are the opposite of weak.

Because that heart you have, beating wildly, it never tires. No matter what you go through or what demons you face, you continue to find hope and healing. You continue to love.

You may be sensitive, feel the pain and passion of the entire world on your back. You may get broken or tired, overwhelmed by the intensity of your relationships. You may falter or cry, shut down or want to push people away. But you always regain your sense of self. You always find that heartbeat, that footing, that inner push. And you open your arms again.

You are sensitive, not weak. Not powerless. Not over-emotional, as if that’s a negative thing.

Your sensitivity is your strength. The way you feel and love, your vulnerability and rawness—that is your power, your purpose in this place.

Stop letting the world tell you that you are somehow not enough, even in all that you give and embody. Stop thinking that you have to be less, just to fit in. Stop telling yourself lies just to mold into the shape the world longs for you to be. Stop thinking you are fragile, simply because you feel.

Being ‘soft’ is not a bad thing. ‘Soft’ is malleable, changeable, adaptable. ‘Soft’ is gentle, yet filled with spirit. ‘Soft’ is heartfelt and courageous, beautiful and bold. ‘Soft’ is not mild. ‘Soft’ is not breakable.

Stop thinking you have to be rough to be respected, that you have to be heartless to survive.

You may be sensitive, but you’re a damn fighter. You’re strong. You have a backbone, a brain, and a heart that is forever absorbing the energy from the people around you.

You may be sensitive, but you care. About the people you love and the ones you don’t, about the happenings of this world and for strangers you have yet to meet.

There is not a thing wrong with you, with your heart, with the way you love and let light shine in and through you. There is not a thing wrong with your compassion, your vulnerability, your willingness to be selfless, to show love, even when it is not given in return.

Sometimes you will be told to grow up, to be smarter, to guard yourself and not be so open to people who do not have your best intentions in mind. Sometimes you will be cautioned, encouraged to close off rather than feel.

But don’t change yourself for the silly opinions of this world.
Don’t let a miserable, negative perspective drown out your radiance.

Love. Feel. Embrace. Embody.

Be who you are and don’t let anyone tell you that you are too much, or not enough.

Yes, you experience things differently. Yes, your heart is bigger than most. But no, you are not weak. You, my dear, are as strong as they come. TC mark


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  • theOwl30

    OK, someone has to say it.
    It’s good to be “in touch with your feelings”. It’s good to *have* feelings. And to care. But—
    The more I read about “sensitivity”, “softness”, and (a new discovery for me) HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), the more I feel:
    A) It’s just the latest and newest cool psychological ailment or Fad. back in the 90’s, “everybody-and-their-dog” was getting labeled “CO-Dependent”. It was all the rage. And since you were co-dependent, you “needed a healing”. Pfffftt! It gave the practitioners something to do. It’s probably still around but nowadays I hear practically nothing about it anymore. But there’s more…..
    B) Seriously, with all the massive “buzz” about softness and being sensitive, I really wonder if very soon this will somehow become like some sort of badge-of-honor that you are “sensitive” or a 1-upmanship game of priding yourself how you are *more* soft-n-caring than the next person! Thinking about that makes me ask:
    C) “Sensitive?” Really? Reading the descriptions sounds MUCH more like “broken” or almost chronically overwhelmed! This is nothing I would feel good about. Which leads to another hugely important point—
    D) DO these “sensitive” people even want to get better? Do they? To be less sensitive to noise, lights, scents, doing customer service or thinking fast in a busy environment?

  • theOwl30

    (continued, pt.2, (Do “sensitive” people have any interest in overcoming their excessive sensitivity–or–do they just “Accept” that that’s how they are. In another 8 years, will they be LESS sensitive to lights, noise? Will they be calmer under pressure? Will they be more confident? Do they even want to? In the main post of this article, above, it says: “This is how you’ve always been, always will be.” So that doesn’t sound hopeful for positive change.

    E) just WHAT IS these people ideal environment?They sound so easily overwhelmed that maybe they’d do best in a convalescent center. I’m a little sorry, but really. READ the descriptions and you tell me! Would they work in Customer service? I think not. They remind of me of the meek kid in jr. high that always got picked on. And again I ask—do they even *want* to be overcome any of this? And one last thing—

    Could this simply be the opposite of an overbearing steamroller type of person and a way to manipulate other into being extra-nice & oh so accomodating to them because, after all, they are “soft”. Where will all this be in popular culture in, say, April or May of 2018? Good question.

    #HSP #HighlySensitivePerson #Sensitivity #Psychology #SelfHelp #Adulting

  • nyandurilala

    Thank you so this piece.I now just try to act tough so that I am more acceptable but I’ll stick to being me!!!

  • ethereality97

    absolutely heartfelt❤

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