10 Signs You’re A Sensitive Woman (And You Should Be Proud)

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1. You find your emotional state shifting to take on the feelings of people around you.

You have a strong sense of your emotional self, yet you often embrace the feelings of people around you. If someone close to you is upset, you find it so difficult to pretend like everything’s okay. Instead, you meet that person right where they are—sitting next to them, offering your shoulder, and even crying with them. Though you can build the people around you with positivity and love, you are also very good at consoling and helping them in their healing by trying to understand, and feel exactly what they’re going through.

2. You can’t just listen to someone’s pain, you want to actively help, support, or assist in some way.

When someone confides in you, you internalize it, but are never passive. You want to do whatever is in your power to make things right, to help them take steps forward, to really be there with both words and actions.

3. You feel every emotion deeply, to the point that even the smallest things carry weight in your eyes.

You are affected by everything around you—from the bird with the broken wing to the child across the world who is starving—you just can’t help it. You find yourself crying, often for things you have no control over, or simply because the sunset on a particular night is so beautiful. Everything carries weight in your eyes.

4. You have experienced heartbreak more than once, but still believe in love.

You feel deeply and you love deeply, thus your relationships are all very serious. You’ve been broken a time or two, yet because of the wealth of emotions you have inside you, you are unafraid to love and let someone in again.

5. You are deeply connected and committed to your personal relationships.

You do not take love lightly—platonic or romantic. The people in your life are there for a reason; you value and appreciate them so much, and never hesitate to share exactly how you feel about them or how much they mean to you.

6. You are in-tune with the world and people around you.

Your sensitivity allows you to understand and connect with everything around you. You are aware of others’ feelings, thoughts, or pain. You can often tell what someone is thinking, or if they’re upset without them even opening their mouth. And you are able to not only understand, but to listen and support others when they need it.

7. You can be easily hurt, and especially by words over actions.

You have the tendency to be negatively affected by people who hurt you, whether it’s intentional or unconscious. This may seem like a negative trait, but being sensitive teaches others how to be empathetic and kind. Not only can you continually change and shape the world around you, but your feelings are what make you such an open, beautiful person. And you should be proud of that.

8. You are extremely selfless.

When it comes to others—their emotions, the weight on their heart—you have no problem dropping everything to support them. Not only can (and will) you try to understand everything that they’re feeling, but you will also put them first, even before yourself and what you’re going through.

9. You have the tendency to overthink, trying to make sense of everything in your head before saying it aloud or making any rash decisions.

Overthinking can be negative, but with you and your sensitive heart, the way your mind works is a positive. You think about things deeply because you care. You think about your actions because you don’t want to hurt the people around you. You think before speaking because you want to be both rational and emotional, which is effective in any situation. You think deeply because that’s in your nature—to process and to bring forth genuine emotion.

10. You know how to love.

You are sensitive, and thus you know how to care, how to be vulnerable, how to express emotion, how to let people in. You know that relationships require work, but you are more than willing to put forth the effort. At the end of the day, because of your sensitive heart, you make a wonderful lover and partner. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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