For Every Strong, But Sensitive Woman Still Learning To Love

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

You are a beautiful combination. You are passion and fierceness, a mouth that speaks openly and a heart that keeps beating, even through pain. You have loved before. You have loved wildly and freely. You have loved with every ounce of yourself and haven’t regretted it, not for a moment. And you will keep on loving, just as openly and fearlessly.

You are the type of woman who finds strength in letting people in. You pride yourself in being open, not guarded. You have always kept your head on straight, even when following your heart. And it is in the way you care for people, but still value your self-worth that you are strong.

You know who you are and how you love and you celebrate this.

But you are also sensitive. You can’t help but fall a little too easily. You can’t keep yourself from getting wrapped up in people’s emotions, for wanting to jump in too soon, for not always thinking things through. You are emotional. You let your feelings get the best of you sometimes. You listen to your heart and the way it flutters and you don’t hesitate to chase who and what it wants.

You aren’t scared to give your love away, you never have been. And you aren’t afraid to show someone emotion, even if it makes you look fragile and weak. But you are neither of those things.

You’re delicate sometimes, in all the right ways. You don’t have a harsh exterior, but a gentle one. When people love you, you don’t put up walls, but take them down. You let people touch the deepest parts of you; you let them press their fingers on your bruises and you tell them where it hurts. You are honest, to a fault. You are never scared of putting yourself, your past, or your heart out there. You are never scared to speak what’s twisting around your mind, never scared to tell people you love them, or to be vulnerable, even if it’s a little too soon.

You are strong, so strong. But you are also soft. Both contradictions, but both beautiful.

But sometimes it’s hard to be both. Sometimes you feel like you have to be strong, like you have to fight through and push people away when your heart is aching. Sometimes you feel like you are more powerful when you keep people at arm’s length and try to repair your brokenness on your own.

But sometimes you want to be soft. You want to cry on someone’s shoulder. You want someone to peel back your layers and see you for you. You want to be noticed, to be understood, to be loved, really loved.

And when you’re strong and soft, sometimes love is confusing.

See, you’re still learning how to love. Sometimes you want to love passionately and freely, but sometimes you want to take things slow. Sometimes you want to tell people exactly how you feel when you’re angry, but sometimes you want to quiet yourself and make sense of your emotions before spitting them out.

When you’re a strong, but sensitive woman, sometimes love is hard. Sometimes people expect you to be a certain way and you just can’t. Sometimes you want to love with a little less emotion or a little more heart or smidge more of passion or maybe somewhere in the middle and you just can’t.

You feel things differently, you express love differently, you fall hard and fast and deep and once you’ve felt something, there’s no stopping you.

But there’s nothing wrong with being a woman like this.

There’s nothing wrong with loving with the entirety of your heart, with letting your emotions guide you, with being passionate and vulnerable and strong and sensitive.

There’s nothing wrong with crying over someone you’ve lost, with fighting for a person you love, with telling someone exactly how you feel, with opening your heart and handing it to your lover in the palm of your hand.

You are strong and sensitive, a combination of passionate and gentle, of bold and shy, of daring and tender. You have always let people in differently, always given your heart away completely, always been the one who falls head over heels with the people she dates. And this is okay.

This is beautiful. You are beautiful. Your heart is beautiful.

And I hope, in a world where people are so damn scared to love, you never change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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