41 Things Girls Who Grew Up Playing Softball Know To Be True

Marisa Donnelly

1. ‘Rubbing some dirt on it’ is a valid form of fixing a sliding strawberry.

2. You’ll lefty slapper will pretty much (read: always) outrun you around the bases. But they’re the best teammate to train with.

3. Visors are never cool, but sometimes necessary in the outfield.

4. There are no such things as ‘lucky socks’ but you totally rock them anyways.

5. Cheers are annoying as hell, but definitely worth every moment of bonding.

6. No matter how hard you try, there will be days where your curve ball won’t curve.

7. Sunscreen is basically the same thing as perfume.

8. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh dirt.

9. If you step on the chalk line, you just jinxed the entire game.

10. If you don’t have a pre-batting routine, then who even are you?

11. Dads never stop coaching. (Even if they’re not the coach).

12. Nothing tastes as sweet as that post-game ice cream cone.

13. You are stronger, more resilient, and more passionate because of the game.

14. ‘Throw strikes’ is the worst advice in the world.

15. There’s always going to be that one annoying parent in the stands.

16. Dugout snacks are life.

17. Your teammates taught you the definition of love—through the highs, lows, losses, championships, and every silly post-game bus ride in-between.

18.There’s no bond like a pitcher-catcher bond.

19. Your walk-up song defines your season. Choose wisely.

20. It’s always two steps back in the outfield first. Not forward.

21. Nothing looks better than a softball tan in a swimsuit.

22. Eye black actually makes you play better.

23. Once you start getting in a slump, you have to switch your bat.

24. Leg bruises are in.

25. Pants > shorts on game days.

26. You only play as good as you look.

27. If all else fails and you can’t hit the damn ball, get hit by it.

28. Metal cleats can do some serious damage.

29. If it looks good, swing.

30. You’re only as good as your weakest hitter.

31. If you don’t call the ball, it’s not going to get caught.

32. You’re going to have at least one collision in the outfield. It’s inevitable.

33. Ice packs on your shoulders makes you look like a bada$$.

34. Don’t underestimate the tiny girls. Those pipsqueaks can hit the ball.

35. We’ve all had that one coach who never sat his own kid.

36. We’ve all had that one teammate who won’t shut the hell up.

37. Your family members are your biggest fans.

38. Umps suck sometimes.

39. You’re mentally tougher and physically stronger than you realize.

40. Family goes beyond blood—those girls, those teammates, that bond—it’s for life.

41. If softball was easy, they’d call it baseball. (Just kidding.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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