30 Simple Things You Need To Indulge In Before This Winter Ends

Julien Sister
Julien Sister

1. A mug of hot chocolate, complete with fresh mini-marshmallows on top.

2. A day of comfy-sweatpants and slippers.

3. A nice, long nap.

4. A book by the fireplace.

5. A moment of complete silence.

6. An old favorite movie with a bucket of homemade popcorn.

7. The batch of not-so-healthy cookies that you’ve been dying to make.

8. An afternoon of couch-laying and/or fort-building with comfy blankets and pillows.

9. Fuzzy socks.

10. An outside stroll.

11. Snowman-building in the front yard, complete with a carrot nose, button eyes… the whole deal.

12. Rocking no bra and/or pants all day.

13. Stove-top s’mores.

14. Sledding and/or snow tubing down a nearby hill.

15. A bowl of ice cream on the couch.

16. A binge-watching session of your favorite TV series.

17. Cuddles with a significant other, child, sibling, parent, or small animal.

18. Reminiscing through an old photo album with someone you care about.

19. Staying in bed until an unreasonable hour.

20. A movie marathon.

21. Ordering take-out and eating it from the box.

22. A favorite childhood board game.

23. A cat nap on the softest couch.

24. PJ’s all day long.

25. Breakfast for dinner.

26. Snow angels in the front yard.

27. Pulling out your old favorite CD’s and listening/reminiscing.

28. Shameless doodling or coloring.

29. A glass of chocolate milk, just because.

30. Kissing someone you love outside in the snow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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