Single Over The Holidays

7 Definite Perks To Being Single Over The Holidays

1. You get to kiss whoever the heck you want come midnight on New Year’s.

You’re single. You’re not tied down. And you’re not forced into the routine significant other smooch at the ball drop. So wander around. Scope out your high school sweetheart and kiss him. Kiss the bottle. Kiss your girlfriends. Kiss a cute stranger. (The opportunities are endless.)

2. You don’t have to waste precious energy hunting for the perfect present.

No more wasting hours at the mall trying to find the perfect gift for bae, only for him to return in three days later, or toss it as soon as you breakup. No more shelling out your hard-earned cash for Oakley shades and designer jeans because you want to impress him (and his family) with your gift-giving abilities. Go treat yourself to a mani and pedi. Boys are overrated anyways.

3. There’s no stressing about dividing time between his house and yours.

Christmas Eve at his house? Xmas Day with your rents? And what about NYE? The anxieties of overbearing parents and long distance commutes take a toll on your holiday fun. You can forget all that crap and spend time wherever you want when you’re single. Plus you’ll avoid plenty of family feuds. (Thank the Lord!)

4. You inevitably get closer to your rents.

First, because there’s no family feuds. (They secretly hated your boyfriend anyways). And second, because you actually have time to do Mother-Daughter Spa Day, or to throw back some beers and just kick it with your dad.

5. But you have enough alone time to indulge in without feeling at all guilty.

Now that you’ve entered Singledom you can put your feet up, veg out in front of the T.V. and stuff your face with Aunt Mal’s homemade fudge bars all day. Why do anything else?

6. You don’t have to touch base with anyone.

Ahh sweet freedom. No more heckling via text: ‘Where are you?’ ‘What are you doing’ ‘Who’s going to be there?’ No more stressing about who he’s with. (Let’s face it. We all have a few nagging trust issues). And those guy friends you have that are actually guy friends? Now you can spend time with them without causing WWIII.

7. And you finally have time for your girlfriends.

Girlfriends. Remember those? Now you can freely (and non-guiltily) enjoy all of the Rumchata-And-Christmas-Movies Nights, the Drunk-On-Vodka-Sodas Nights, and any other long-overdue gal pal festivities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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