20 Bad Habits That Scream ‘I’m Insecure’

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. Deleting and re-posting the same photo on Instagram over and over because you didn’t get any likes.

2. Not being able to admit when you’re wrong, and constantly creating bullshit “explanations” to make it sound like you were right all along, when you clearly weren’t.

3. Pointing out every flaw they see on other people.

4. Picking on others for no reason.

5. Taking shit too personally and accusing people of acting against you when they’re clearly just living their lives not thinking about you.

6. Seeking someone else’s acceptance on everything you do.

7. Constantly talking about something great you have done.

8. Someone that always one-ups everyone else.

9. Being unnecessarily loud or trying very hard to be funny.

10. People who keep dropping into conversation how much they earn or how important they are in a company

11. Reaching for every straw to defend yourself or attack someone else with.

12. “I’m an alpha male.”

13. When someone tries to look intelligent all the time to everyone.

14. Bragging about how being an asshole is just “who you are.”

15. Belittling someone over difference in opinion.

16. Making every story, every anecdote, and every discussion about you.

17. Acting tough or picking fights in public.

18. Relentlessly stalking a famous person in order to validate your existence.

19. “I’m not like other girls.”

20. Not allowing your SOs to have friends or acquaintances of the opposite sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark