If You Hadn’t Broke My Heart, I Wouldn’t Be Who I Am Today

Do More Of These 10 Little Things To Find Happiness Today

Feeling down lately? Had some rough times? Went through a lot? You deserve to be happy and you can certainly find joy in your life, starting today.

1. Do more of what you are doing this very moment. Read more on happiness, well-being, and how to find joy in everyday life. It doesn’t take big things, just being open to happiness is enough to invite it into your life.

2. Smile more. Make it a habit to smile more, starting first thing in the morning when you wake up and then during the day. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyways! Smiling is one of the best natural medicines for happiness- the act of pulling the mouth muscles to form a smile sends to the brain the command “be happy!” and the brain releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

3. Surround yourself with more positive people. Say “no” to negative people and toxic relationships. Hang out with people who make you laugh and who have positive vibes. Be a positive person yourself-compliment others, find something good in every situation, notice the beauty around you and communicate all that.

4. Make more optimistic thoughts. Do you tend to see the glass as half full or half empty? Make it a habit of yours to be an optimist. Stop making negative thoughts and thinking what’s the worst-case scenario. Instead, try to make realistic thoughts and encourage yourself to find solutions or ways to deal with the problem at hand.

5. Find more time to relax. Make sure you get enough sleep and enough downtime. Do you have a favorite relaxation technique? Try deep breathing, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation to deal with the tension in your body, mind, and soul.

6. Do more of the things you love. What are some things that bring you joy and make your heart sing? Do more of these on a daily basis. Forget the excuses and the “I don’t have the time yet” and try to do more of what you love on a regular basis.

7. Notice and enjoy more the small pleasures of life. Maybe you are a coffee lover or a tea person, or chocolate can be your favorite thing. Instead of drinking your morning beverage thinking of your to-do-list, learn to stop and enjoy mindfully whatever you drink, eat, listen, or do. Learn to notice what’s the pleasurable experience of the moment and appreciate it. Chocolate anyone?

8. Be more focused on the good. What’s working in your life right now? What goes well? Make a list of all the good things that you either take for granted or you don’t notice daily, thinking they are too small. Even if things are not perfect, accept them and don’t shun them.

9. Be more grateful. Yes, you deserve the best! While you are in the process of getting it, why not exercise the muscle of gratitude? By noting all the things you are grateful for, you are sure to feel happier. Counting your blessings on a regular basis gets your brain in happiness mode.

10. Imagine more of the best. When you wake up every day thinking that this is one of the same, one more boring, tough day-guess what? You are setting the mood and mode of the day. Learn to think more of the good possibilities that lay ahead of you, create the best case scenarios in your mind and then do one small step in that direction. TC mark

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