For Anyone Who Needs It, 104 Little Things To Do Instead Of Continuing Self-Harming Habits

Paul Rysz

I’m posting this for anyone who may need this tonight, tomorrow night, or any night. Self-harm is a very real and very ugly thing.

Below is an extensive list of self-harm alternatives that my counselor and I talked over. Feel free to share.

1. Scribble on photos of people in magazines.

2. Viciously stab a fruit with a pen.

3. Throw a rubber ball against the wall.

4. Yell like Tarzan.

5. Tear apart newspapers, photos, or magazines.

6. Go the gym.

7. Learn a dance.

8. Make an exercise routine.

9. Listen to music very loudly.

10. Draw a picture.

11. Rip up stuffed animals.

12. Pop bubble wrap.

13. Pop balloons.

14. Splatter paint on a poster board.

15. Scribble on a piece of paper until the whole page is black.

16. Throw darts at a dartboard.

17. Go for a run.

18. Write your feelings down, them rip them up or burn them.

19. Slash a piece of cardboard or a plastic bottle.

20. Flatten aluminum cans.

21. Draw on a photo of yourself.

22. Gather sticks and break them into smaller pieces.

23. Cut up fruits such as oranges or apples.

24. Make a pillow fort.

25. Play tennis or baseball.

26. Buy cheap plates to smash.

27. Fill a mason jar with glitter and colored water and shake it.

28. Hold ice in your hands, on your arms, or in your mouth.

29. Run your hands under cold water.

30. Snap a rubber band against your wrist.

31. Clap your hands until they sting.

32. Wax your legs.

33. Drink cold water.

34. Splash cold water on your face.

35. Put glue on your hands, then peel it off.

36. Take a hot shower/bath.

37. Write or draw on yourself.

38. Take a cold bath.

39. Chew a piece of ginger root.

40. Rub liniment under your nose.

41. Put tiger balm on the places you want to cut.

42. Color your hair.

43. Sing along to your favorite music.

44. Take up a new hobby.

45. Drink hot tea.

46. Play solitaire.

47. Count up to 500.

48. Make as many words out of your full name as possible.

49. Count ceiling tiles.

50. Color coordinate your closet.

51. Googles “memes”.

52. Go to the park.

53. Go people watching.

54. Play an instrument.

55. Paint your nails.

56. Alphabetize your books.

57. Cook or bake.

58. Make origami.

59. Write out the lyrics to your favorite songs.

60. Read books or magazines.

61. Draw a comic strip.

62. Make a chain link out of paper.

63. Knit, sew, or make jewelry.

64. Buy plants.

65. Go window shopping.

66. Browse Pinterest.

67. Memorize a poem or a Bible verse.

68. Read a dictionary.

69. Watch the clouds.

70. Plan a party.

71. Attend a concert.

72. Finish homework.

73. Browse YouTube.

74. Make a scrapbook.

75. Color in a coloring book.

76. Re-organize your room.

77. Name all of your electronic devices.

78. Play the A-Z game.

79. Light scented candles.

80. Make faces in the mirror.

81. Go to the zoo.

82. Blow bubbles.

83. Plant a garden.

84. Learn the names of the constellations.

85. Play with animals.

86. Read the Bible (or any religious text)

87. Write words in sand.

88. Listen to soothing music.

89. Meditate or do yoga.

90. Crunch ice.

91. Go for a walk.

92. Feel your pulse and count.

93. Catch lizards or butterflies or fireflies.

94. Lay in the grass.

95. Be with other people.

96. Go shopping.

97. Go see a movie.

98. Call your friends.

99. Call your family.

100. Journal.

101. Free write.

102. Make lists of all the good things in your life.

103. Call a hotline.

104. Write letters to people (you don’t have to send them). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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