November's New Moon In Scorpio Is All About Finding Your Place In This World
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November’s New Moon In Scorpio Is All About Finding Your Place In This World

On November 7, 2018 there is a new moon in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio brings forth a lot of energy that can appear really negative and almost questionable at times. This is a time period where almost everyone is trying to get their shit together in an orderly fashion, regardless of the circumstance.

New moons are all about planting seeds so that later in the month you can harvest them. New moons are about observing yourself, your surroundings, and your environment to make sure everything is aligned. New moons are a time to make note of the changes that need to be made, the things we may need to let go of, and the things that we need to put our energy into curating.

This new moon is all about finding our place in our new / latest reality, while simultaneously making peace with the places we have once lived.

This new moon mixed with the Scorpio nature AND the planet alignment (Neptune) can seem full of regret, apologies, and longing for the past. This is your time to make peace and to become peaceful. Forgive yourself for everything you have done up until this point, and silently (or boldly) forgive every person that has ever triggered you.

Now is the time that we move forward with grace as we transition into living in our own evolution.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Are you inspired and proud of the words you speak?

Are the thoughts in your head thoughts that hurt you or uplift you?

Are you doing what you love?

What are you holding on to that clearly needs more space?

This new moon is calling you to find your place in the world that is a little more you, a place that is truly meant for you and all of your glory. You romantic life, your belief systems, your social group, your occupation, whatever it is… make sure that the life you are living is actually yours. Make sure that the life you are living is the one that you actually want to be living. TC mark

Leena Sanders

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