8 Things You Only Understand If You Were Antisocial In High School

1. People actually don’t really matter.

People matter but people aren’t as important as people think. Contrary to popular belief, you actually can survive without them.

2. The popular kids never end up living the best life.

Maybe Jenny was a size 0 with parents who passed the peas every night at dinner but guess what? Senior year of college Jenny gained weight after she got her heart broken like every other human on the planet and her dad moved to Cuba. She now has four kids and sells hair products. Jenny doesn’t even make peas for dinner now.

3. Teachers actually make really great friends.

Friends who have their shit together enough to have a degree, their own routine, and their own life are important. You need them. Especially ones that already have experience getting paid to listen to you and answer your questions. And sometimes, you’ll find that they are awesome people themselves.

4. Not going to all of the sporting events makes you a smarter person.

Don’t get me wrong there are very few things that I love more than the unity and community that comes along with neighborhood school events, but not going to all of them means more time to actually pay attention to the world and less time spending hours freaking about what you’re going to wear and still feeling uncomfortable in what you go in.

5. Sleep is not for the weak, sleep is for the smart.

Work smarter not harder. Do not wait until you die to sleep. Sleep before then so you can be sane for a bit while you’re here.

6. No one will talk badly about you if no one talks about you at all.

What other people think about you is none of your business. But at least your closeted entertainment will not consist of hearing things about yourself. Privacy, baby.

7. People with social anxiety are usually the ones that get the dogs first.

So there’s that to look forward to.

8. You learn what’s important hard and fast.

There’s something about living and introverted experience that leads you to knowing what you need and what’s the most important at all times. You get familiar with your life, what feels good and what you need more of, and what you don’t want or have space for. It leads you closer to creating a really great life for yourself because you’ve had more hardships and space to know just what it looks like.

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