This Is What Your Anxiety Is Trying To Tell You When You Are Alone

This Is What Your Anxiety Is Trying To Tell You When You Are Alone

I am my most anxious when I am alone. I don’t know if I become filled with so much anxiety in my solitude because I am not being productive and lack of progression drives me crazy, or maybe it’s just because I am forcing myself to sit with absolutely everything.

It wasn’t until I eliminated every single possible distraction that I could finally hear what my anxiety was saying to me. As soon as there was no noise caused by distractions (sex, relationships, alcohol, the gym, etc), I found myself in my own silence.

Anxiety for me feels like intense emotion, emotion quite literally means: energy in motion. When I feel anxious and I feel an abundance of feeling with no place to go, that was the moment that I need to decide where it would go.

When you are alone and you feel anxiety, decided where you’re going to put that energy. Decide that you’re going to put it into yourself. Think of the anxiety that you feel in your solitude as a reminder of your commitment to yourself. Use that energy and expand, decide what you want for yourself, do something that will help you progress farther into the evolution of yourself. Take a step further in your education, apply for the opportunities you’ve always dreamed of, and start to believe that you are worthy of it all.

Use the energy in motion inside of you to push yourself farther. Do not allow your anxiety to bundle up inside of you and trick you into putting your energy into the wrong things. Do not let it make you worry, fear, and waste your time on things that aren’t for you and your benefit. Your anxiety is not meant to sit, it’s meant to move. Your anxiety is meant to move through you, for you.

When you feel anxiety when you are alone let it inspire your solitude, create something with it, use the momentum and the intense energy to bring you to a place of peace. The anxiety that you feel when you are alone is reminding you that you need more of you, let it inspire you. Let it move you.

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