How The New Moon In Virgo Will Make Us More Self-Aware And Bring Joy To Our Lives

July 2019 New Moon In Leo: The Beginning Of A New Chapter

There is a new moon July 31, 2019 in the sign of Leo. Typically new moons are all about the moon starting a brand new cycle, it’s about new intentions, and the start of brand new things. This new moon is at 8 degrees Leo, which shines a specifically bright light on change than normal. With this new moon in Leo it is a very heightened time to experience change in your love life, finances, and your location / where you live.

You may be feeling uneasy, uncertain, and extra anxious. There may be intense changes with your financial situation, both good or bad. Maybe you just ran into more money than you’re used to, maybe you decided to invest, maybe you are about to start a new job. Change when it comes to finances is happening. You may have just started a romantic relationship, ended one, or redefined one — you may feel the vast change necessary, but scarcity nonetheless. It’s also very common for people to move during this time or at least start the preparation to. Be soft and quiet with yourself during this time so you can hear everything you need to.

This new moon is asking you to step into change with all of the love left inside of you, you’re being asked to find the momentum inside of yourself and launch yourself into your chapter.

Do not let fear stop you, do not let your brain tell you things that are not real, do not plant seeds that don’t compliment your new chapter to its fullest.

You are being asked to put your worry aside and allow your creativity to tell your story.

Some good questions to ask yourself during this new moon are:

What kind of life do I want for myself?

Is the person I am with someone I see as a character in what my own best life looks like?

Do I feel the love I give to others and the love I receive in return is synonymous with the kind of love that feels fulfilling long term?

Am I being responsible with my finances? How can I excel and organize in this area so that it helps my future rather than hinders it?

What have I always wanted to do but have been too scared to do it?

What am I passionate about?

This new moon is calling you to step out of the life you’ve known, and into a life you have yet to — the one that’s truly for you.

Be painfully honest with yourself about what’s working in your life, what never has, and what you need your world to look like. This is the time to paint all of the magic you’ve dreamt of; do not underestimate the power of thought and action during this time. It’s here, it’s happening, and all of the change you are being faced with is providing the light you need in order to walk on the path you’re creating.

Beautiful destinations have yet to become even a thought in your mind, and trust me the views on the way are merely a glimpse.

May this new moon bring you all of the honesty you’ve been too fearful to see, ideas and creativity that inspire you, and a greater push forward to a life that’s always been yours. Vienna really does wait for you.

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