Exactly What To Expect From The New Moon In Taurus Based On Your Sign

New Moon January 2019: It’s Time To Create Your New Life

There is a new moon on January 5, 2019 in the sign of Capricorn. Not only is this a partial solar eclipse, but we also have a lunar eclipse in just a few weeks following this. This moon in conjunction with Saturn has a very serious and timid nature to it but helpful energy from Neptune lightens the mood. New moons are all about planting seeds, it’s a time to really identify what you want for yourself. New moons are a time for us dive into our bodies and not only address how we are going to proceed forward, but what it is we are moving forward to.

This new moon you are being called to take a step back, be easy on yourself. Change is an inevitable art, it’s going to happen – it has happened. If 2018 taught anyone anything, it’s that change is uncontrollable so we must learn to seize the experience and create beauty from it.

Change is here and we have to focus forward.

Peace and harmony are being introduced to our lives again little by little, even if we don’t recognize it.

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This moon is asking you to befriend yourself, understand and decide what it is you truly want.

What do you want to be doing right now?

Where do you want to create a life for yourself?

Who do you want to be your company as you journey through this life?

How can you make peace with exactly where you are?

What can you do to honor yourself better?

What feels satisfying? What do you need to be doing more of?

This moon is the introduction for a life that is actually aligned with where we are and what we want for and from ourselves. This moon is shining a light on our health, our relationships, our past traumas, and our future dreams.

This new moon is the prelude to a life we have yet to live, a life we are about to create.

Be patient.

Be open.

Make your intentions known.

May this new moon light the path you didn’t know existed, and bring you home to a place that you have always been longing for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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