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This Is Your Reminder That Healing Doesn’t Happen Overnight

This is your reminder that healing doesn’t happen overnight. Like all good things, healing takes time.

Not only does healing require and demand time, it requires our patience. Healing demands us to be compassionate with ourselves. Healing needs us to walk through every single path we are given so that we can learn, grow, and evolve how we need to.

To be quite honest with you, sometimes we are forced to stay in the same place for what seems to be a long time so that we can become familiar with the map, so that we can realize where we really want to go, and so that we can decide how we want to get there and what direction we must start moving in.

We need to remember that evolution is spread out over a period of time, beauty isn’t born overnight.

We need to remember that although our bones may ache, we are in the process of creating something much stronger.

We need to remember the things that broke us and we need to remember that we are still whole with or without them.

We need to remember that adjustments take time and we need to remember that transitions are hard.

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves to cure our pain overnight.

We need to stop trying to fast forward our lives so that we can skip over the pain and we need to start learning how to live through it instead.

It takes time to remember who we are and who we aren’t. It takes time to pave our way to better days. It takes time to create a new belief system, one that can actually benefit us through our grief.

It takes time to learn that pain is merely a teacher, and everything we go through is simply a growing pain.

Sometimes recognizing our resilience seems like a foreign language, this is why we need to push forward. We need to keep greeting the night like we are attempting to befriend it.

Healing is not an end result, it’s not your final destination. We don’t magically come to a place where we feel better and all pain is lost. There is no such thing as ending up in a place where we are fully healed.

Healing happens on the journey that we embark on with ourselves to feel better. That’s when healing happens.

We do not heal overnight, we heal through the night. Over and over again. Night after night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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