September 2018 Full Moon In Aries: It’s Time For Change

There is a full moon on September 24, 2018. This full moon is in the sign of Aries, meaning, bold transitions are coming to light and happening all around us. Over the last few months, a lot of cosmic shifts have been happening. This year we have had three full solar eclipses, when typically we only have two in a year. With many planets in Retrograde at all times, there has been a specific and consistent theme when it comes from analyzing our realities and making adjustments accordingly. This year so far has required us to take a closer look at everything in our lives.

This full moon is all about action. Aries is a fire sign, always ready to say and do whatever is needed. This full moon is all about putting our emotion down and looking at every area we have been analyzing with our best judgment and all of our logic. This moon will require us to get real with ourselves, to practice utmost honesty.

Some questions to ask ourselves this full moon are: 

Is what I am doing right now reflecting the life I want?

Am I trying to force something to work that will truly never satisfy me?

Am I being honest with myself about my reality?

Do I actually like where and who I am?

How can I create stronger boundaries?

What do I need to let go of?

What hard conversations need to be had?

Is this the life that I want for myself?

Am I honoring my own needs?

Are the things in front of me things that I want for myself?

It’s the season to turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs and the cosmic energy is in full force and completely on your side.

This moon, more than any other moon yet, is requiring you to acknowledge your strength. You are being called to make tough decisions for your best interest. You are being asked to hold your ground and to let go of everything that doesn’t enable you to live your best life alongside your best self. 

You have to make a stand, be bold. Say what’s on your mind. Feel what you need to feel. Move how you need to move. Walk away from all that you need to walk away from. You are supported. You are strong. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the life you truly crave.

Remember your power during this moon. Remember that you are allowed to make changes to your life, even if they are insanely dramatic.

It’s time for your breakthrough. It’s time for you to hear the answers you’ve been listening for. It’s time for things to come to light, the truth to be on the horizon. It’s time to reflect. It’s time to call yourself out on your own bullshit.

It’s time to heal, create boundaries, accept the inevitable, and to allow yourself to become the human you have been trying to understand.

Now is the time for change, for a reality check, and to move into your breakthrough. Now is the time to be refreshed and to stop reading all of the previous pages of your life, you have an entirely new book to write and it’s time for you to decide what you want it to look like and say. TC mark

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