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This Is Your Reminder That You Deserve To Be Happy

This is your reminder that you deserve to be happy. You are so worthy of happiness that you are entitled to do absolutely whatever it takes in order to ensure that for yourself.

Your happiness is a sacred thing, you must do whatever it takes to harbor it. Your happiness is your own, you have the right to defend it and prioritize it at whatever cost.

You are allowed to cut off family members if you need to.

You are allowed to stop engaging in certain friendships if you need to.

You are allowed to quit your job, end your relationship, go back to school, or whatever you need in order to fully feel happy.

You are allowed to spend a lot of money on self help books.

You are allowed to spend a day in bed resting.

You are allowed to try out new diets so that you can figure out what works for your body.

You are allowed to be unapologetic for anything that serves your best interest.

You are allowed to be picky, to choose every detail of your space with your absolute best disgression.

Your space is your space. You deserve to decorate and occupy it however you so choose.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel your anxiety leave your bones only for it to be replaced with newly found joy.

Do not ever let anyone tell you there are certain things that you should stray from, especially if those very things allow for your happiness to be present.

Do whatever it takes. Whatever. It. Takes.

Sometimes our happiness requires us to never settle. Sometimes our happiness needs us to put up a fight for it, to endlessly defend it. Do that. Fight for you. Fight for your happiness, even if that means being at war with other things. Happiness is one of those battles where you automatically win, so long as you never put your armor down.

You deserve to be happy, no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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