This Is What Healing Actually Is, Because It’s Not Always Sunshine And Positivity

Sometimes healing is dark. Sometimes healing is laying in your bed at midnight analyzing every dysfunctional part of you. It’s picking apart every unhealthy trait of yours and making a list of everything you can do better. Healing is multifaceted, it’s up just as much as it’s down. Healing is feeling empowered one day and bummed the next.

Sometimes healing is looking in the mirror and saying, “Houston we have a problem.” And sometimes it’s looking into the most piercing parts of your soul and offering a hand. It’s admitting to your faults, it’s practicing humility.

Sometimes healing is saying sorry first, it’s admitting when you are in the wrong. It’s admitting when you’re sad, when you’re not in a good place.

Sometimes we practice the most healing when we let ourselves feel just how much work we have left to do, and when we get creative around how to become our best self. 

Sometimes healing is laying naked in a bathroom tub filling the mind of poetry and better days, sometimes it’s staying exactly right here.

Healing can be journaling. Paint. Tears. Visions. Sobs. Dark. Blurry. One step at a time.

Healing is not always glamorous. Healing is not always lattes, self-help books, and wine. Healing isn’t solely empowerment. Healing isn’t full of good days only.

We need to embrace the fact that healing can happen every day even though it might look slightly different.

All healing is, is the transformation of yourself; it’s moving from one place to the next. Healing is the mission of becoming better and more well. Healing is filled with taking one step backward to take two steps forward, it’s always changing. You, just like healing, are ever healing, constantly moving. There will be great days and there will be dark days, and you can still heal on both. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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