July 2018 New Moon In Cancer: It’s Time To Focus Forward

There is a new moon July 12/13th (depending on where you’re at) as well as a partial solar eclipse. Every new moon is a time to plant new seeds. A lot of the time, the moon’s energy, cosmic shifts, and planetary rotations really focus and emphasize our romantic relationships, money, or even all things occupation related. This new moon is all about turning inward when planting these seeds.

This new moons energy alongside a partial solar eclipse is really going to require us to be patient with ourselves. If we need rest, we must let ourselves rest. If we need to spend more time in therapy or journaling, we must grant ourselves that. Now because this moon is a pure reflection of ourselves and the need to do our own inner work, we may be experiencing more anxiety and any mental illness that we struggle with may be very evident. Our insecurities may be on the horizon, our fears may be something we find ourselves spending much time thinking about, and the rush to get to the future and accomplish our own checklist may be something that seems to be ruling our life.

Now is a great time to really slow down, invest wisely (financially and emotionally), give ourselves words of empowerment during all of these mental and physical changes we are all going through, and really be easy on ourselves when it comes to our looks, needs, and status.

Aside from this being a time period where we are easy on ourselves, now is the time to use the work we have done on ourselves and use that momentum to push forward. We need to be thinking about how we can best take care of ourselves for the future. Do we need to get that gym membership? Do we need to make sure our space is clean? Do we need to make a plan to save money for our dream home? Do we need to sign up for classes and get back to school? Do we need to release all that is not serving us? Do we need to end toxic relationships or step away from friendships that are no longer in alignment with us anymore? Do we need to get back to therapy to move through emotional barriers that are holding us back?

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Now is a thinking period, a time to really look inward and do some spring cleaning in our own minds so we can transform our lives to the next level.

We have to go through the motions and come out better on the other side. What work needs to be done in order to live and create a life that our most authentic self actually likes to live?

Ask yourself these questions. Make a plan with yourself. Use this time to emotionally breakthrough all that is holding you back, plant seeds, and be kind to yourself in the process.

Regardless of where you are, starting a new job, looking to buy a home, questioning your relationship status, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Meaning, these transitions are meant for you right now. These questions are meant to be asked right this moment, and you are ready to hear the answers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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