21 Things To Be Cautious Of This Leo Season

It’s Leo season, friends! As I have mentioned in other articles, so much is going on in the universe. We are being presented with a Blood Moon, two planets in Retrograde, the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century, AND the new Leo season. The Leo nature is notorious for being very kind and energetic, but they also tend to be very emotional and possessive without proper boundaries. This is a very delicate time and protecting your space and your energy is the best thing you can do for yourself. Since there is a conjunction of so many things, here are 21 things to be cautious of when navigating this new season:

1. Energy suckers

2. Anyone who is clingy

3. People who try to take their lack-of- emotion- management problems out on you

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4. Anyone who doesn’t make you feel heard

5. Toxic relationships trying to mend their way back into your life

6. People who are unable to properly communicate

7. Caving in and having too much sugar or things that are bad for your body

8. The weather affecting your mood

9. Feeling sensitive to others energy

10. Your mental health trying to control your life

11. Feeling more irritable than usual (Mars is in Retrograde, notorious for demanding that your aggression be looked at)

12. Old friendships that aren’t healthy or don’t serve you trying to re-enter your space

13. Your fear being louder than your passion and determination

14. Other people’s disfigurement becoming your own

15. Sleeping too much

16. Thinking that change is only a bad thing

17. Spending more time in your head than in your body

18. Being extra sensitive to your own evolution and circumstance(s)

19. Saying sorry for things you don’t need to be apologizing for

20. Dismissing your own boundaries for someone else

21. Getting so caught up in your emotions that you can’t see the bigger picture or be logical

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