This Is Why She Left You Even Though She Loved You

Kaci Baum

Never question that she loved you. Because she did. But she knew that if stayed with you, she would never be able to spread out her own wings. And she knew if she stayed, she would eventually resent you.

It’s not because she didn’t adore you. It’s not because she didn’t picture a future with you. It’s not because you weren’t what she was looking for.

But you see, she needed to be free. Free from your love. Free from the ties. Free from the ropes that bound her. Free from her home. She just needed to run. To breathe.

She needed to run from the life she knew before. She needed to run from the people she knew before. She needed to run from her home and her country small town. Not because she had to, but because she wanted to.

She didn’t do it out of hatred or out of spite. She didn’t do it out of selfishness. She did it, because she wanted to live the best life that she possibly could. And she couldn’t do that by staying.

She had to leave all that was familiar to her. She had to walk towards the unknown. To walk towards new people, new experiences and to a new her.

Don’t think that it wasn’t hard for her. Don’t think that it wasn’t heartbreaking. Because her heart broke. It broke to see all the people she loved waving goodbye. And it especially broke when she had to walk away from you.

But as hard as it was to leave you, she knew it was the best decision she could ever make. For herself. Not for you.

She had to finally put herself first. She had to finally explore everything that she had not touched and tasted yet. She had to shake hands that were foreign to her. She had to dance at new bars she had never stepped foot on before. And most importantly, she had to leave, because she had to find herself.

At home, with you, she was comfortable. She was content. She was happy. But she needed so much more than that. She needed new sights, new mountains to climb, new sunsets to gaze at, new foods to devour, more people to love.

She is the type of girl to run after what she wants in life which is exactly what she did with you. But she needed to do it for someone else. For something else. For the sanity of her soul. For the pounding of her heart. She needed to do it for the oxygen in her lungs. To lift that weight off. The weight of her past loves, her past spaces and past self.

She needed to leave you because she needed to change herself. Not for you. Not for her parents or friends. But for her.

She had to leave you in order to be a happier person. Because with you, she was on the ground. But alone? She can finally fly. And she can soar without being afraid of falling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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