Why The Strongest People In This World Are The Ones Who Have Anxiety

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A lot of the times, having a mental illness is seen as a weakness. As a taboo subject that shouldn’t be talked about. As something to be ashamed about. Something to feel ashamed about.

But here’s the thing — you are so much stronger than you think you are. You are so much more powerful than that anxiety that plagues you. And you are so, so much more than just a human being who suffers from anxiety.

You are more than the chemical imbalance in your head. You are more than the panic attacks that leave you staying in bed for a week. You are more than the intrusive thoughts and the ‘what if’s. You are so much more than this illness.

Because anxiety is just that. It’s an illness. It is not a weakness or something to hide from your loved ones. And it should never define your own outlook on your life and how you see yourself.

I understand that’s it’s hard. But, you are so strong. Because while you are having these racing thoughts and you feel so small and alone, you keep on going.

People with anxiety don’t back down. We don’t stop. We don’t give up. Even when we have three panic attacks in a row. Even when we have to go to the ER just for someone to convince us that we aren’t dying. Even when we have to change medications over and over again.

People with anxiety are resilient.

Because we continue, through all the wreckage and the darkness and the worry. We continue to walk through the rain and the hurricane that lives within our own damn heads. And we keep on breathing, even when we don’t know how.

We are strong because even when your minds tells us that we are weak, our hearts know the truth. We are strong because no matter how many bad days we have, we live for the good ones.

We are strong because we give our hearts to everything that we do. And even when anxiety tries to push us out of the way, we stand our ground. And even on our worst, most debilitating days, we never let go.

We never lose faith that we will beat it. We never lose that hope even when it rains for months on end. We will always fight. Fight for our lives. Fight for better days and even better tomorrows. We fight, even if we fear we are losing our minds. We fight, even though we feel like we are dying.

And we’ll never surrender to this battle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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