11 Women Reveal The Most Batshit Crazy Thing They Have Ever Done During A Break Up

11 Women Reveal The Most Crazy Thing They Have Ever Done During A Break Up

 1. “I literally locked myself in my room for two weeks straight. I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I didn’t go to any of my classes. I just drank bottles upon bottles of red wine and stuffed myself with ice cream my roommate kindly gave me. Everyone thought I was having a mental breakdown.” — Lace, 25

2. “Ok, this sounds super petty, but I drove to his house and egged the shit out of it. Luckily he wasn’t home. But, his mom was. I’ve never been so scared in my life.” — Ashley, 21

3. “Since I didn’t want anyone hearing me sob all through the night, I would just get in my car and sleep in there night after night. I did this for about a month until my friends put together an intervention for me.” — Jasmine, 27

4. “I went to see a medium to see if he could get help me closure from my dead relationship.” — Taylor, 29

5. “I kind of stalked him. I would drive by his house every few days, just to see what he was up to. I also looked at his friend’s snapchats to see where he was going on nights out, and would convince all my friends that we had to go there too.” — Rebecca, 21

6. “I went Carrie Underwood on him. If you don’t get that reference, just listen to ‘Before He Cheats’.” — Milly, 35

7. “I publicly announced to my high school during morning announcements that my ex was a cheating dirt bag. And you can bet I said his full name and who he cheated on me with.” — Athena, 28

8. “I lost my mind for a while there. I would literally just stand outside of house no matter the weather and sob like I was witnessing a death. He eventually called the police on me.” — Lisa, 30

9. “I threw out all his clothing and valuable objects outside and poured gasoline on everything. I then proceeded to light all of his shit on fire. The asshole deserved it.” — Cami, 26

10. “I slept with his identical twin.” — Vicky, 32

11. “I showed up at his house on Halloween dressed like a playboy bunny to win him back. 100% would recommend.”— Chelsea, 23  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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