7 Texts That Sum Up The Modern 20-Something Experience

Texting is a pretty big part of the 20-something game — and the 20-something game is a pretty big part of you wasting your time on distracting articles like this one. Articles that, depending on how my life they end up being, can get so out of hand that they can sometimes completely rob readers of their ability to even.

Here are a few absurdist text exchanges that, although they don’t usually happen quite like this, also sorta do:

1. Making Plans


2. The #Grind


3. Good Friends, Part 1

meme-from-iphonetextgenerator (5)

4. Good Friends, Part II


5. Good Friends, Part 3

meme-from-iphonetextgenerator (8)

6. All Roads Lead To Chipotle


7. Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

meme-from-iphonetextgenerator (10)

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