The 19 Types Of 20-Something Couples You’ll Meet In 2014

The LA Complex
The LA Complex

1. Mark & Mandy Marathon

Matching Nike outfits. A shared love for motivational quotes about running. Their collective worship of Steve Prefontaine has gone a long way.

2. The Rave Couple

A great man named Jason DeRulo once said, “Everybody’s looking for love, ain’t that the reason you’re at this club?”

Same rules apply for Ultra Music Festival.

3. The “How Do They Eat Such Good Food All The Time?” Couple

Wild Salmon? Rosemary Braised Lamb? On a Tuesday?

Not only are they too good for Whole Foods (???), but they’ve been to every restaurant there is to go to, and somehow have no problem paying rent.

Clearly there’s some deep dark secret we’re not privy to. Probably the mob.

4. The Couple That You Never See Together

They’ve been dating for 3 years, you get the sense that they’re closer than ever, but somehow are always off doing their own thing.

You can’t tell if this setup is the dream, or if it’s a little bit tragic.

5. The “We’re Probably Not Getting Married, But The Rent” Couple

A very common species in NYC, and a tremendous social experiment that expertly fuses the concepts of love, practicality, and a great movie still of two people sitting on the opposite sides of a couch.

6. The First! Couple

First to get married, first to have kids. First to get divorced?

Weren’t they awkwardly grinding in a college basement 3 years ago?

7. Larry & Lisa Law School

Make friends with this couple. Their wedding is going to be incredible.

8. Dan & Dana, MD

The med school version of Larry & Lisa. Neither of them will forget the day they they found their soulmate; nothing will ever be as magical as eating Subway sandwiches together in the University food court.

9. The Diehard Alumni Fan Couple

It’s four years later, and you’re not sure if the whole “we go to every basketball game” thing is actually genuine, or if it’s the only thing keeping them together.

Either way, Go Cats.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Foursquare

They probably don’t check in anymore, but they are very much a “do it for the instagram” sort of deal.

Restaurants with terrible sized portions, trendy concerts in Prospect Park, her cousins birthday — it’s all out there, primed to induce maximum jealousy.

11. The “Are They Really Being This Calculated On Social Media?” Couple

There’s this fascinating phenomenon that’s been going on, particularly with couples of relative fame — two people dating because they are attracted to each other, but also because it’d be pretty great to finally break 100K twitter followers.

The PR relationship has always been a thing, but never quite like this. Who needs E! when you’ve got social feeds like these?

12. The Somehow Always On Vacation Couple

Of all the couples out there, this is the one that really makes you question what you’ve been doing wrong all these years.

13. The Extravagant Future Plans Couple

He’s gonna run his own tech company, and she’s gonna be a big-time fashion blogger. They’ll work from wherever they please, but primarily from their 3 homes in New York, San Francisco, and Prague. They’ll be the worst when it comes to wine. And most other things.

14. The “We Met On Tinder” Couple

And so begins the great wager of the 21st Century — will either of their wedding vows include the words “swipe right?”

15. Chris & Carly Cultured

They see a lot of “film.” They talk about how they see a lot “film.” They didn’t see Need For Speed. 

16. The “Not-A-Couple But Is Clearly Getting Married” Couple

It’s only a matter of time until they really dig in on that “landscaping project.”

17. The Wannabe 59 Year-Old Couple

Their idea of a perfect day consists of:

  • Waking up at 6:30 am (hangover free)
  • Reading The Times
  • Talking about their new espresso machine
  • Going for a hike/walk
  • Spending the entire day talking about what they should have for dinner
  • Going to the grocery store, seeing a friend, and indulging in local gossip
  • Eating dinner while listening to Billy Joel

18. Ian & Iris Improv

Their love for each other pales in comparison to their love of Jason Sudeikis.

19. The “That’ll Be An Interesting Kid” Couple

Pretty much every couple. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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