The 5 Types Of Soulmates You’ll Have In Your Life

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt some sort of a connection with them? Or maybe over time you’ve started to notice that connection with them? Well, they’re most likely your soulmate.

We all have more than one soulmate. The connections we have with certain people spark something in us. They teach us things and show meaning to our lives. There is the belief that there are 5 types of soulmate and they each serve you a purpose in this life: 

The Friend Soulmate

This soulmate connection is one of the most comfortable relationships because of your shared attitudes and beliefs. You feel at ease with this person. You trust them and you feel like you can confide in them. As life goes on and we all get older, these soulmates can come and go. You can have more than one friend soulmate in a lifetime.

The friend soulmate can also be referred to as the “companion” soulmate. A companion can be either romantic or platonic and it’s what we traditionally think of when we think of the term “soulmate.” Maybe it’s someone you have a deep connection with, like a friend, and you end up marrying them. Whether if you refer to this person as a friend or a companion, you share a bond with this person that can’t be broken.

The Teacher Soulmate

You know that saying about certain people being blessings and certain people being lessons? Yeah, the teacher soulmate is, well, evidently, going to teach you a lesson.

A teacher can be anyone: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a neighbor, a family member, that person in your class or at work that you just can’t seem to get along with. You’re most likely going through a difficult situation (with them or not) and they were sent to you (by your spirit guides) to teach you things about courage, patience, love, empathy, respect.

The Karmic Soulmate

Just like the energy we put out to attract good or bad karma, the same goes for karmic connections. We can encounter this kind of connection multiple times throughout our lives, as either romantic partners or platonic relationships.

It’s been theorized that we fight the hardest with people we’ve known the longest. So what happens if you meet someone, you click so well and so fast and then weeks later, are fighting like an old married couple? Yeah, that’s because you’ve known each other in a past life and are reconnecting here in this life.

This connection is usually very intense because of all the underlying problems. It either ends badly or ends with a feeling of competition as you two drift apart.

Twin Flame

There is the belief that twin flames started as one soul and was split into two bodies. They are your second half. They are a mirror of who you are.

It is believed that a twin flame relationship is the most romantic and the most passionate and that we are “spiritually married” to our twin flame soulmate. When you have a twin flame (and we all have one), it’s an intense soul connection that does the most: they challenge you, they teach you, they love you, and they heal you. They help you become fully enlightened and the best version of yourself.

Unlike the other soulmate connections, we only have one twin flame in this life. So when you meet them, you’ll know it. And it will change you.

The Past Life Soulmate

Not everyone believes in the idea of “past lives,” and that’s okay. Still, I’m sure plenty of people could agree that at one time or another, you’ve met someone and you felt some sort of comfort or familiarity with them. Right? If you meet someone and immediately feel like you’ve met them before, even if you haven’t, they’re probably–or rather, most likely–your past life soulmate.

These familiar feelings are just built-up energy from knowing each other in a past life. It’s one of the most powerful connections simply because you’ve been here before. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have an intense, romantic connection with this person, nor will you have a friendship either. It’s just the universe’s way of showing you that you’re on the right life path and that all is well.

You’ve most likely met your soulmate(s) already, or maybe you’re about to. Either way, these people come to you throughout your life and change you in the best ways. Open your heart and you’ll notice them. 

About the author

Kelly Peacock

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover.