These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Friends With An Ex

These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Friends With An Ex


You’re easy-going in your life and relationships, and your partners know it. You aren’t fond of the idea of being tied down to a person and try to keep your relationships fairly casual. When those relationships run their course, it’s not usually about the person you’re dating as much as it’s you not wanting something super committal. If they are willing, you’re always open to staying friends with an ex–especially because who knows what might happen later on down the road?


You’re a natural at staying connected to people, even if you’re not intending to. After a breakup, likely, your posts and messages will still show up in their feeds, you’ll still interact with their social media, and likely still manage to run into them from time to time. You enjoy new experiences and desire to stay connected to old ones. You don’t have much of an issue separating your romantic past from a potential new friendship.


It’s very likely that after the breakup, you were the one asking, “Can we still be friends?”–and you absolutely meant it. While you may take a small step back initially after the relationship ends, it won’t’ be long before you reach out again to establish a connection. You still remember all the positive qualities your ex had, and you still want them to be part of your life.


People often underestimate how important friendship is to you, Aquarius. You usually avoid relationships with people because you don’t want to ruin a good connection. However, if you do end up in a relationship, it’s based on a foundation of friendship, and it’s one you strive to return to if the relationship goes south. It’s not uncommon in your friend group to have a few of them be people you dated in the past.


You have a hard time disentangling entirely from the people you dated–you’re able to remember all the good times you had, and you hate the thought of losing them. You also struggle with the fear that breaking up with them might’ve been the wrong choice, and you like to maintain a connection with them in case you both want to revisit dating in the future.


It’s tough for you to let relationships go, Cancer. While part of you wants to entirely cut the person out of your life forever to spare the pain, you can’t manage to do that for long. You care so deeply for the people you love, and that doesn’t simply dissipate because things didn’t work out well romantically. You make yourself available as the person your ex can always turn to if they need someone to talk to, and it often leads to you both forming an unlikely friendship eventually.

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