Why You Can't Seem To Get Over Your Ex Based On Your Venus Sign

Why You Can’t Seem To Get Over Your Ex Based On Your Venus Sign

Aries: You moved on too quick

When a breakup feels inevitable, you won’t have a problem moving on- at least on the surface. You’ll likely struggle with your emotions and how to grieve the end of the relationship. In response, you will feel the need to dive into something brand new, but you’re still thinking of your ex in the back of your mind. You’ll second-guess if the breakup was right, and you’ll miss what you had, especially if you haven’t taken the time to focus on what really went wrong.

Taurus: You can’t seem to let them go

You have a hard time letting go. While you are stubborn and unafraid to ask for what you want, you are also a dedicated partner to the end. When a relationship ends, it’s hard for you to move forward because you just want things to go back to how they were.

Gemini: You aren’t sure if you made the right choice

You can seem impulsive at times with your choices to people who don’t know you well. You often make decisions because you need a change or want to move forward somehow- and sometimes that means shedding a past relationship. Yet, there are certainly moments where you look back and wonder if you really made the right choice or if you acted too abruptly.

Cancer: You still think you can love them no matter what

You may know deep down the relationship needed to end, but that doesn’t mean your feelings did. Even if the breakup was for the best, there is a part of you that still believes you could’ve loved them no matter what the problem, and you wish you could’ve worked it out somehow.

Leo: You became more attached than you ever planned

While you are more than capable of making it on your own, it doesn’t mean you don’t love passionately and intensely. You dive deep into your relationships, and even if the breakup was messy, you still find yourself pretty attached to the person. Your pride usually keeps you from going back, but it takes you longer to move on.

Virgo: You still think you could’ve fixed the relationship

You have your limits on what you are willing to put up with, but that doesn’t mean you move on immediately. You are often the person who can find solutions to even the most complicated problems. While you may know that the best choice was to end the relationship, part of you still thinks if you had tried a little harder, you could’ve made it work.

Libra: You miss having them around

You may not miss everything about your ex, but you do miss having them around. You miss the everyday connection you had and the comfort you felt with having them in your life. While you could find any person to do that, you miss that your ex really knew you.

Scorpio: You don’t want them to move on yet

It can sound a little petty, but it’s human, I promise. Whether or not the relationship ended on good terms, you still aren’t ready for your ex to move on without you- and if it seems they are, you can stay hung up on it for a bit. You like to know that they are still pining over you or haven’t found the right person, and when they seem to move on, it takes up a lot of your headspace.

Sagittarius: You’re reminded of them all the time

While you are usually one of the least likely to go back to an ex, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get over them. You like to connect over interests, exploration, and thoughts on things. When you find a person who you care for, you share all sorts of things with them. After the relationship is over, you’re often reminded of them everywhere- places you’ve been, the music they liked, etc.

Capricorn: They seem to be doing better without you

Relationships are not a competition, but sometimes it feels that way. You already hate having to start over again, but it can be hard for you when it seems your ex is doing better off without you. You wonder if you were truly the problem and if there was anything you could’ve done to improve the situation. You also can feel you have to prove you’re doing fine without them, and it’s hard to get over someone when you care a little too much about their opinion of you.

Aquarius: They understood you in ways no one else did

You may feel happier alone at times, but you also know the value of being understood. You may not have always appreciated in the past when the person wanted to get closer to you, but now that the relationship is over, you miss that they seemed to get you in ways no one else did.

Pisces: You idealized them and only remember the best parts

You may know the relationship ending was necessary, but you also tend to focus on people’s best qualities. You can’t help but remember the great times you had with them, especially if you’re at a low point in your life. You want to go back to those wonderful moments again. You can’t help but dwell in the fantasy.

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