I Am Slowly Learning How To Be Okay With Things Ending

I used to hate things ending. People leaving. Chapters closing. But I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay for things to end.

Sometimes you need change to move on. To get to the next step of your life. And as uncomfortable as it can be, sometimes it is for the best.

Change used to make me uneasy. Heck, it still does. But one also needs to evolve in life. We need to continually move forward. We must learn to let things go. We must be okay with things ending.

Because while endings can be painful, they can be beautiful as well. Endings can signify promise. Endings signify strength. They can signify us becoming the people we are meant to be.

That’s why I’m learning to be okay with endings.

Because they’re also new beginnings, new chances for us to prove ourselves. To new people. And mostly to ourselves. Chances that allow us to learn new things.

Life is constantly changing. Full of challenges. Some we can’t predict. Some seem unfair. But we must keep going. That is when we find out how strong we really are.

A few years ago, an ending may have deeply wounded me, but now I’ve learned that things will be okay. It’s okay to be unsure about life. About where you’re going. Feeling like your life is crashing down.

Times of uncertainty and doubt are scary. They make us question everything we know. They make you rethink your life. And for that reason, they also push us forward.

They allow us to evaluate not only ourselves but those around us. Endings can sometimes show us things we need to see. Endings can be blessings

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be nervous. Change can bring forward all kinds of emotions. It’s okay to be unsure about the future. But it’s also okay. It’s okay to welcome the unknown and be okay with new beginnings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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